Candi (thebohomama) wrote,

Sunshine on my window...

Sun hits Ireland and its a different country. People are happier, the ground is dry and we can all go out and enjoy this beautiful country for a little while. It was over 70 today. Next week its back in the teens (Celsius) but for now I'm going to enjoy the heat.

In other news, OUR WALL IS GONE! The wall between the kitchen and dining room is gone and we have one huge room. Brilliant. The plasterer is out tomorrow and we are getting a quote from the cabinet guy. Our under stair storage is cut out, too, just waiting on the cabinet guy to make a door.

I'm in a good mood. We had lunch in the park. Think we will have Mexican for dinner if we are able to get into the kitchen early enough.

My little chubby wubby got burnt at the beach on Wednesday, I didn't realize. Cormac's parents came up and we had a nice day out to lunch and on the beach. Harper's skin is fair like Cormac's ; Jane is like me. Jane managed to be the only kid on the beach who couldn't restrain herself and needed desperately to strip naked and jump in the puddles of water in the middle of the beach the high tide left behind. She has no shame, and I admire her little wild streak sometimes. We brought home pockets of rocks. I love this.

I've got cookies and brownies to delivery tomorrow that I finished yesterday. Handy Manny cookies-- they are SO amazing, I just keep looking at them and feeling proud. Check them out over at On that note, I think I am definitely in the Dunmore East Food Festival. I spoke with the lady in charge and she said that there will be a limit on the number of baked goods as there is no point in having loads of them... but she said myself and one other lady will probably be the only ones! She knew who I was when I mentioned my name so I'm thinking thats all good news. WOOHOO. I'm very excited. When the kitchen is all cleaned up next week I'm going to ring about the regular market.

I need to run today. I'm on week 5 of podrunner's couch to 5k, unfortunately with my laptop dying and the computer we're using being teh suck I can't get the podcast on to my mp3 player... so I have to use a stop watch, which I hate. Today's run will suck, I have to do it this afternoon sometime. I'm thinking of doing it in the morning instead. We'll see.

Expat meeting up at ionracas's house on Sunday, I'm hopefully getting in the kitchen tomorrow and making some cookies and blondies. I thought about making a cake but I will probably skip that since cake requires plates and its messy and people can just pick up cookies and blondies and walk away. Any excuse to make blondies. Speaking of which I'm starving... should eat something. I keep forgetting to eat, thats no good.

I made an update. Too bad its boring. I should throw in more emotion. I'm seeing the head shrinker next week so I'll make sure to update if I dig out any repressed memories. I'm feeling like I'm moving towards some sort of solution, so that gives me a bit of hope.
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