Candi (thebohomama) wrote,

Another post already!

Harper just gobbled down a massive amount of strained chicken tikka masala. That is, I just put a few spoonfuls in a strainer and ran the tap over it to wash out the saucy part. She and Jane scoffed it down (yeah I have to do it for Jane too or she would complain "too spicy!"

I made a shit load of blondies, brownies and chocolate chip cookies day. I have sugar cookie dough in the fridge that I will bust out after I get Harper to sleep.

Tomorrow I need to make chocolate and vanilla cupcakes, apple crumble squares, blackberry muffins and scones. Plus a cake to order and a cake for competition.

I'm entering three competitions: a sponge cake competition (which is vanilla cake, really), a scone competition and queen cakes (cupcakes). Fingers crossed they are not looking for the most traditional (bland and dry). Ahem!

I'm looking forward to the Iverk Show. It's a big event. Moira (Cormac's sister) is coming tomorrow evening to help me with the last bits, probably icing cupcakes, and to run the stall tomorrow. I'm so thankful she's coming along-- although she's been sick so I hope she is feeling better.

I haven't heard from Ramona in a long time. I should probably be emailing her instead of updating livejournal.

I want to buy pretty shoes. If there is anything I have never been into its shoes. Or even terribly fashionable clothes. But I've decided I want to care more about my appearance showing my personality and now that I'm not fat with cankles I should try out wearing nice shoes (plus I've worn holes through my flip flops and am close to doing the same with my crocs). I keep drooling over some irregular choice heels. Anyone have suggestions for funky brand shoes? I'm looking for something kind of classy, not necessary huge heels though. I'm getting teary eyed going through ebay.

Time for cheap vodka.
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