Candi (thebohomama) wrote,

Alone with ice cream and no crap tv to watch...

I bought these amazing shoes as a little gift to me (I've recently decided to take a little more interest in my personal fashion and sense I NEVER wear fancy shoes, I'd get something nice-- polkadot KangaROO brand heels!)... and they don't fit. I got heel inserts as well to try and make them fit but they are just too big. I feel like my feet have shrunk. They are supposed to be UK 6 (which is US 8.5) but I normally wear a 9 at home! I would need a UK 5 for them to fit and they are sold out in that size :( they are so comfy though I'm going to go ahead and buy the denim blue ones even though they are not nearly as quirky.

Had a social week- Wednesday I went down with the girls to see ionracas and had a great time catching up and sharing my leftover baked goodies. Jane played with Henry, who is about a year younger than her-- and they were incredibly cute. She was shy for a while when we got there but by the time I needed to head home she was grabbing his hand and they were playing yell together games. Aw.

Last night a friend of mine Niamh and her boyfriend Joe came over late for dinner. Jane was already in bed so we had a mostly adult evening, which was nice for a change. I made a mean chicken parmesan. It was my second time making it and I have to say-- DAMN. I make good chicken parm. I did crap up boiling the pasta but I wasn't paying enough attention and was making double the amount I normally do. Still tasted fine. Had a few drinks and slept soundly.

My damn mobile isn't working again. I think Harper may have attacked it again, and I'm going to go at it with a blow dryer soon but I'm considering switching to the 3 network and getting a smartphone.

Niamh left behind some homemade ice cream and I'm eating it with sugar cookie crumbs. Oh yum yum. All I could use now is something good on tv to watch but there's nothing. Not even anything recorded! Bah.

Tomorrow we're having dinner at Angelica's and I have some special pressies for her birthday. Nice to have a little relaxation before the Harvest Festival next weekend. I made a really cool bon voyage cake today though. Pictures on the blog later. I will, someday, actually update my business blog too. I suck at making time for this.
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