Candi (thebohomama) wrote,

An update, overdue.

I'm alive.

I feel like every few months I get around to posting I promise to post more often. Oh well!

I'm feeling groovy after getting 10 billion codeine tablets for an earache. I have no idea why he gave me so many but I'm not complaining.

Things have been busy, in a good way. I'm feeling like the business is starting to gain ground in the community-- people have heard of me and I'm getting a lot of word-of-mouth orders. Markets have been slow, but I'm hoping with the summer just around the corner people will be getting out of the house on the weekend. They are not spending money, but because I sell food I'm one of the few vendors to make money every weekend. The Waterford Festival of Food is coming up on the 17th. I'm taking some time off in the next month with every I've got going on. If I feel like I can manage, I'll do the Waterford indoor market on Saturday. We're off to IKEA on Sunday to buy crockery and such for the wedding so I'll skip my Sunday market in Clonmel.

The girls are amazing. Jane is slowly emerging from her teenage 3 year old syndrome and is turning out to be an incredible and clever girl. She's creative, singing her own songs and making up her own stories. Her vocabulary is exquisite. Her sense of humour is developed. Her sense of style for a 3 year old is second to none! I couldn't be more proud.
Harper is her own little person. Laid back and confident. She's already climbing up on the chairs and from there on to the table. She's mostly happy but has a tiny little temper that pops up now and again. She smells like Cormac.

I brought Jane with me to the market on Sunday and she was great. She downed two hot dogs, an ice cream cone and a cookie. Impressive!

The wedding is May 13th. Cormac's sister Oona went above and beyond and out of her way to set up a hen night for me-- I thought just a meal and going out for drinks in Cork but she's arranged a whole night out-- a craft lesson and a night in a B&B as well as a meal out. I nearly cried when she revealed the plan, since I'm far away from (and have grown apart from some) my friends back home that would have been involved in this part of my life. I'm looking forward to it as a night to 'bond' a little better with his sisters on a personal level since we have yet to really have a chance to do that.

I just won a mother's day competition. I never win anything. Til now. I won a five course meal for two at a local hotel, a make up day and a €50 voucher to whatever shop I'd like in City Square shopping centre in Waterford. I'm thrilled!

I really need to plan a day for updating LJ. I still read it!
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