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Love and Marriage

Horse and Carriage...

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I'm alive, and you are probably used to me not updating at this stage. I'm horrible. Look, Livejournal has even changed up a bit to be more enticing and I'm still a bad little mama.

Big news is, I got married! I got married on May 11th in the registrars office in Cork, in a small get together of family followed by a jaw droppingly delicious meal in Liberty Grill. It wasn't meant to be anything special but some of the family wanted to tag along so we made a deal of it. Reason being we were all set for our personal ceremony on Friday at Inish Beg in west Cork. The Estate is situated on a bridged island halfway between Baltimore and Skibbereen.

It was beautiful. We held our breath over the weather and turned out come Friday afternoon the sun was shining so bright some of the guests developed a quick burn on their backs. This was after a downpour earlier in the morning while myself and three friends were off to Clonakilty to get our hair done. I went to a place called Lady Pearl's (run by two fabulous ladies). They specialize in vintage hair and the salon was hipper than hip. Loads of cool knick knacks like rollerskates straight from my childhood and lots of purty hats! The cash register was even retro. Myself and my friend Niamh have plans to go back down for our haircuts very soon. I let my hair grow for a long time to have more to work with at the wedding and now I'm sick of it. I'm a short hair gal. I do like the long, but, boring. Anyways, I had a total Marie Antoinette 'do, it was amazing. I'm going to wait until my friend Shona who was snapping away a load of beautiful pics to post me the shots on CD before I share any so they are the best ones. If you are friends with me on facebook you've seen some anyways.

Then, I came back and a fab lady named Rosa who lives just down the road and works for Pearl and Godiva (the vintage china hire company I used for tea cups and dessert plates and absolutely amazing chairs) did my makeup. I bagged all the best for my style wedding and they were everything I wanted. Think they were equally pleased I was as far from bridezilla as possible and told them to do their thing (because I trusted their judgement and abilities!). When I was in the hair salon Paula told me she had a bride once that wanted to make her hair to her shoes. I mean, wtf? Who the hell are these crazies? Anyways. So far, so good. Oh, and ionracas did my bouquet and it was the most beautiful one I'd even seen. It suited me and the theme so perfectly. Jess is a star.

Obviously I was delighted up to this point. The day before we spent all day getting ready-- I put up tables and with the help of my mom wrapping silverware and Breda ironing table runners and putting out glasses I got my tables dressed absolutely perfectly. The room was incredible. After staring at wedding blogs for inspiration, the room came together to really reflect the themes I was hoping for.

We had a great ceremony, very heartfelt, outside in the walled gardens. I didn't think I would cry and damn, I started to! Ha. Cormac cried at the registrar's office but at this read a very thought out set of vows. I didn't cry at the registrar's office (in fact, I paused at the 'I Do' part and laughed because I was waiting for her to say something else). We had drinks after and everyone mingled for a while as Shona snuck us off for some pretty pictures around the estate. Just a few. We didn't want many forced shots just lots of candids. She really was great!

Then, reception. Ugh. It began to fall apart a bit. I should note that I left my meds at home and I had been without for 4 days at this point. I doubt that helped. I started to feel like the fam hated us for what we were doing, that no one stuck to the simple things we had asked for and that the mums were getting super stressed out and annoyed. I think this was probably partially paranoia on my part, but, not completely. To catch you up we catered ourselves, and asked some family members to do a few things. Then all these other things began to pop up. I know what happened. Cormac's mum thought we wouldn't have enough food. We would have. Fresh salad fixing and bread and cheese never came out.nSure, if it had, there would have been no room. My desserts nearly pushed off the tables by jelly. All completely well meaning I think, but a total lack of confidence in our planning. This of course made things get complicated. Looking back, we should have told specific people to get out specific things at specific times. My bad. Also, we hired two staff for heating up food and cleaning up and well, I had to get narky at one stage when my mom asked what I wanted them to do and say "this stuff you guys are doing! go get a drink and go outside!". I just wanted them to enjoy their time. I was so laid back about everything I didn't want to get cranky about anything and I'd worked hard up to this point and felt like, well, no one gave a shit. Again, probably paranoia. So I got super upset and had to walk off crying. Sat on the end of a dock in my wedding dress for a while. Supa neat. I just didn't want everyone upset at me/us for having to help out and that we didn't do the big catered event thing where everyone sat there and was served. We just didn't want that. I managed to cover it up pretty well and thanks to Rosa with her airbrushed foundation and waterproof mascara I nearly turned down I was still fresh as a rose. I sat through dinner kind of in a huff and I didn't mean to be, but I was fighting back tears. Which, blew. Oh well, passed.

Then I moved tables around and cleaned up with the help of amazing friends and family and we rearranged the room for the band to get set up. Cormac being a musician with a slew of amazing musicians in attendance holy hell balls we had the best wedding band eva. Everyone was up and down and back up immediately after each song because it was so good you couldn't not dance. The girls were beautiful and danced around in the back-- Harper fell asleep early and slept in a back room the whole night! The mums took Jane back to their house to mind her for the night.

We thanked everyone for their individual bits and especially all the family and our friends for making it feel like an intimate family occasion. In fairness, everyone lended a hand and as far as I know, besides some of the weird vibes I had earlier from stressed out mums and some sisters I think it was without any complaint. What an amazing day. Pictures soon!
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