Candi (thebohomama) wrote,

The Boho Kitchen Reality

Oh Lj. I'm not giving up on you. I'm still reading you. I'm going to be joining some new more applicable communities as well so I have a reason to get on. I need to throw out updates now and again even if they are small.

Quick catch up. Cormac and I went off to Mallorca near Puerto Pollensa (the north part of the island) for 6 days early this month. The girls stayed with Cormac's mum and they were just fine. I was stressed about leaving Harper at least because I couldn't really explain and have her understand that we were going away but coming back. We called every other day and that probably helped. I thought Mallorca was a bit like Ibiza or Lanzarote so I didn't expect much but to my surprise when I started looking for hotels and restaurant reviews I realized the coast line is dramatic and the water is crazy crystal turquoise blue. It was a great break, went to bed at a reasonable hour and had solid sleeps every night. Great trip, one horrible argument the last day was the only downer, but overall fantastic. Came back and the holiday of course was immediately over, back to reality. Really loved it though, sure Corm is already trying to book us back with the kids sometime in the spring. Self catering, however, not a cheap hotel where everyone is a British all-inclusive and they never leave the hotel- we didn't really hang around the hotel.

I've a contract with a new local cafe that sets up inside a chain bookstore around Ireland. So, as a result, I've decided to move the baking business out of the house. It's been stressful lately anyways with my work supplies taking up all the room in the house, the kids and husband not understanding that simply being home doesn't mean I'm not working. I found a kitchen to rent in town, that's fitted with all the equipment I need (in fact, they are bigger and better quality than I expected to get)... and it happens to have a cafe space with it. So, I guess I'm opening a cafe? It's fucking scary and exciting at the same time. I'm hopefully getting a grant from the enterprise board that will half my rent and rates for the first year. The contract with the cafe for sweets and I'll be assembling their sandwiches as well should definitely pay the bills. Its been the rocket to shoot me to what I've really wanted, my own place. I've started making plans in my head for what I can do with the space... just having it open to the local workers and mums dropping kids off at the school around the corner as well as having events in the evening just for tea/coffee/sweets to start. It's big news.

Oh the OTHER hand of all this... my private LJ update next will explain.
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