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Milk, Toast and Honey

January 9, 2015 • 7:40 pm
Wake Up: Hello?

Is it me your looking for?

Who is still out there, eh? I'm thinking of coming back to the safety of livejournal, where long winded posts are embraced and there is still a semblance of privacy...

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November 22, 2011 • 2:22 pm
Wake Up: Hi Livejournal

Add in my typical whine/blahblah about how I mean to update more.

I'm just lazy. Also, I feel more and more like this is less private than before. When I was younger, I would spill every tear of my heart here. Now I don't share them anymore. I'm feeling a bit detached and lost, floating around in my life even though good things are happening. My business is taking off. I've managed to find not just a kitchen, but a fully fitted cafe. It's in an industrial estate, around the corner from the Educate Together school. I see great potential (for making money and of course, making me feel more fulfilled).

Girls are good. I should take more pictures, post more pictures.

Holidays are here already and I don't feel in to them this year. Which is unlike me. I've not planned a thanksgiving dinner, I've not started looking for Christmas presents. It's still very mild (not to say the weather is nice, more to say the weather is indecisive as always in Ireland). This time last year we had snow. Time will tell.

I'm still reading all of your journals, don't fear. I need to comment more.
Although, I see that a lot of you are going the way I am and posting less and less. I won't pretend that facebook doesn't have a little bit to do with that for me.

I'm so busy, in life and in my head that I'm just low on time to sort through my thoughts. I feel like I do update here but all I'm doing is a quick recap and waffling. I'm a bit unhappy, I'm dealing with some assorted things... some realizations. fuck it.

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November 3, 2011 • 10:46 pm
Wake Up: The Boho Kitchen Reality

Oh Lj. I'm not giving up on you. I'm still reading you. I'm going to be joining some new more applicable communities as well so I have a reason to get on. I need to throw out updates now and again even if they are small.

Quick catch up. Cormac and I went off to Mallorca near Puerto Pollensa (the north part of the island) for 6 days early this month. The girls stayed with Cormac's mum and they were just fine. I was stressed about leaving Harper at least because I couldn't really explain and have her understand that we were going away but coming back. We called every other day and that probably helped. I thought Mallorca was a bit like Ibiza or Lanzarote so I didn't expect much but to my surprise when I started looking for hotels and restaurant reviews I realized the coast line is dramatic and the water is crazy crystal turquoise blue. It was a great break, went to bed at a reasonable hour and had solid sleeps every night. Great trip, one horrible argument the last day was the only downer, but overall fantastic. Came back and the holiday of course was immediately over, back to reality. Really loved it though, sure Corm is already trying to book us back with the kids sometime in the spring. Self catering, however, not a cheap hotel where everyone is a British all-inclusive and they never leave the hotel- we didn't really hang around the hotel.

I've a contract with a new local cafe that sets up inside a chain bookstore around Ireland. So, as a result, I've decided to move the baking business out of the house. It's been stressful lately anyways with my work supplies taking up all the room in the house, the kids and husband not understanding that simply being home doesn't mean I'm not working. I found a kitchen to rent in town, that's fitted with all the equipment I need (in fact, they are bigger and better quality than I expected to get)... and it happens to have a cafe space with it. So, I guess I'm opening a cafe? It's fucking scary and exciting at the same time. I'm hopefully getting a grant from the enterprise board that will half my rent and rates for the first year. The contract with the cafe for sweets and I'll be assembling their sandwiches as well should definitely pay the bills. Its been the rocket to shoot me to what I've really wanted, my own place. I've started making plans in my head for what I can do with the space... just having it open to the local workers and mums dropping kids off at the school around the corner as well as having events in the evening just for tea/coffee/sweets to start. It's big news.

Oh the OTHER hand of all this... my private LJ update next will explain.

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October 28, 2011 • 8:50 pm
Wake Up: Writer's Block: R.I.P

What do you want done with your body after you die?

I want a natural burial. Pine box, wherever its okay to do it. I want to decompose, be plant-tree-animal food the way the cycle of life is supposed to work. I don't understand the point of keeping my body is an airtight box in hopes that it will stay fresh as long as possible, with my internal organs in a bag and metal plates in my jaws tied together.

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September 14, 2011 • 7:03 pm
Wake Up: "I would give up the unessential..."

Crystal says I must update, so I must.

I'm outside of myself lately.

I don't know.

Stressed a bit, girls have been intense lately as well. Business is doing fine, we had a large festival here last weekend and while I made profit it seems like I barely saw it before it went
off here, there and everywhere else.

Sometimes I wonder the point of updating this journal. I used to be able to more freely share what I was feeling, how I felt about my life at the time of updating-- but I don't really feel that way anymore. I keep a lot of everything inside, maybe just to get through the day, but inside nonetheless.

I miss America, miss my family... its been nearly 10 months now since I was home to visit them. It doesn't help that the sniff of summer we had here is already over and fall is creeping in. I have a strange feeling that I'm going to find it difficult this winter.

On the brighter side, Jane has started playschool, which means she's gone for 3 hours each morning and she has had some interaction with other kids and seems a little bit more worn out than usual.
Harper has been moody and whiny which I am putting up to the difficult 2's, molars or something or rather. She's cute, that's how they keep us from impaling them on spikes, you know. Just kidding.

Have been trying to get out more with the ladies in my life, its been a while since I've had any girlfriends to go out with in the evening time and forget about being mommy for a little while. Just to engage in adult conversation. Said friends have been great for babysitting now and again, too, which is a new freedom.

I won't say too much, but I might be getting involved with a friend in a new business venture as well. It would mean a premises in Waterford City. I'm hoping that things align themselves and maybe this will be the thing to pull me out of my rut. Since I can't get a second dog, and I'm definitely not having more children.

We are heading off to England on Friday morning to Patricia's wedding in York which is a welcome distraction. I'm looking forward to seeing how she's organized everything and fingers are crossed that no one is stressed out. We'll be back on Monday. We're driving up to schmoomom's Thursday to stay the night with her before flying out... I'll take any excuse to see E that I can! Plus, wine. Speaking of booze... I bought some on sale and Jane managed to knock one of the bottles off the table onto the floor just right and it smash... sigh.

God, this is why I haven't been using Livejournal. I'm boring now. Blah blah blah. Only updating now because I'm surprisingly bored. I should be reading. Children will call soon, though and I'll have to be a boat again. Petting Zeppe the dog seal. Ah, childhood.

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September 6, 2011 • 6:56 pm
Wake Up: Jehovah Witnesses, yes, this sparks my limited updating frenzy.


Just had my first visit from the Jehovah's! Oh my god. I was so unprepared. They should leave notes like, we are coming at such and such a time, brush up on your anti-bible knowledge. I've actually stopped like, arguing with Christians on the internet, so... I was digging quick for my responses.

I had to stop the dude as he started his speech as he was going on about how we see the horrible things in the world like there is some evil force pushing it all... uggh. He pulled lots of crazy shit out of the bag. Claimed the bible is the oldest text in the world (even tried to tell me it was 6,000 years old), that it all made perfect sense, that religion has blurred it all. Pulled the ol' do you know who made this *front door*, have you seen him, blah blah this some how proves god exists.

I told him this was an atheist house that believed in science. He told me evolution isn't real, its just a theory... I told him gravity is a theory and he retorted that no its a fact... I had to teach him about scientific definitions... it was kind of at that point I was like duuuude stop talking give me the freaking watchtower and go away. In the end I got away with not having to take it! Ha.

I take offense to having these people come door to door with such HORRIBLE misinformation and outright LIES to prove that they are right that less educated people are going to quite possibly buy into. Grr.

He tried also to pull this whole like, hope for living through the modern times stuff. What the hell? Who are these people who live in this la la la world that the times we live in are the worse of times? For fucksake.

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August 4, 2011 • 1:49 pm
Wake Up: Testy test

Dreamwidth test (might as well be on the bandwagon yea?) !

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August 2, 2011 • 8:56 am
Wake Up: Rawr

I don't know what to tell Jane when she says she hates sleeping. One day I know I'll be trying to drag her ass out of bed and she won't want to get up. Cruel world, why? Surely our species should have evolved by now to now drive parents to the brink of nearly murdering our young.

I chopped my hair off. I couldn't take it being even medium length anymore. I'm not sure I like it, because I think I want to go a bit shorter with it, but, I'll wait a little while.

It may just be sunny today. Nancy said she'd mind the girls tonight so we are going to go out to dinner this evening, so I'm looking forward to a reason to dress up all purty.

I'm waiting to hear back on my business name registration so I can go and open a business account, as I have oh... nearly €400 worth in cheques to lodge! We need to do the floors in the dining and kitchen as well as the living room. Wood laminate. We've been battling these carpet moths in the living room for months now and if we don't do something about it we are going to go insane.

Breaking Bad season 3 is fantastic.

I promise to do a better update soon, I'm easing back in.

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July 29, 2011 • 11:37 am
Wake Up: Soon, my pretties.

I want to get back in touch with my LJ-ness, of course, when I wanted to do this I discovered there was an OUTAGE? AN OUTAGE? double u tee eff.

Anyways, life has been up and down-- Lots of fun mixed with lots of not-fun-horrible stuff. Last Saturday I drove with Cormac to hamachimaki's funeral in Dublin, in support of my beloved friendschmoomom, his wife. It was a terribly difficult week and although we're detached from the ongoings of their day to day life now without B, I'm thinking of her always.

I'm up to my eyes with cakes each week which is not a complaint. Trying not to over extend myself with markets that won't be profitable.

Today, I'm wrecked. Late to bed and up with Jane at 6:15am. Ugh. We had a couple lovely barbeques this week, even though this heat wave they keep promising us every other week has yet to appear.

Jane is 4 now, by the way. She had a pirate princess party, accompanied by a pinata and disco dance party. It was a success, I believe.

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July 9, 2011 • 8:13 am
Wake Up: I'm not making false promises

I really have to try to make more time to update. Ah well, I'm busy and such. Usually too tired.

Why is the intro song to Arthur like, some reggae mix up? Meh.

Got some horrible news from a good friends yesterday and my heart is aching for her and her family big time.

On another note, I finally got a car! I did okay with the stall during the Tall Ships Race in Waterford (a 3 day event where people come to look at big sailing ships that pull into the city on the river. A little red 1998 micra in ridiculously amazing condition.
Lolita is her name!

I need to call Crystal and try calling Jimmy again. I'd call Ramona if I thought she'd even answer.

I've slowly gained an unwanted 10 lbs and I'm not sure if its due to meds or not running as much but sure, I'll shake that soon enough.

My little baby is going to be 4 in just over a week. FOUR! Jesus, four years ago I was having Jane. Now she is an incredible little girl full of beans with an amazing imagination, unbelievable vocabulary and a great sense of humour.

Getting really fed up with the Irish summer and if it doesn't make a turn for warmer weather next week I'm going to lose my mind (and so are the kids). We just can't afford to go to Florida this year (not yet anyways) and I'd kill even for a short sun holiday. We'll be going to York in September for Cormac's sister's wedding so maybe it will be lovely and warm there!

I'm getting stressed about money, following the Tall Ships (I thought I'd make more money there) and getting the much needed car I'm broke. I have plenty of things that need to be paid ugh. I've a market this weekend and a two bigger ones the end of the month, but that's just money I owe Cormac from Tall Ships. Gotta get into the Enterprise board this week and see if I can get some funding.

So, that's all. If I updated more often I'd have emotional things to share from day to day but I seem to suck at that for the moment.

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May 20, 2011 • 8:51 am
Wake Up: Love and Marriage

Horse and Carriage...

da da da

I'm alive, and you are probably used to me not updating at this stage. I'm horrible. Look, Livejournal has even changed up a bit to be more enticing and I'm still a bad little mama.

Big news is, I got married! I got married on May 11th in the registrars office in Cork, in a small get together of family followed by a jaw droppingly delicious meal in Liberty Grill. It wasn't meant to be anything special but some of the family wanted to tag along so we made a deal of it. Reason being we were all set for our personal ceremony on Friday at Inish Beg in west Cork. The Estate is situated on a bridged island halfway between Baltimore and Skibbereen.

It was beautiful. We held our breath over the weather and turned out come Friday afternoon the sun was shining so bright some of the guests developed a quick burn on their backs. This was after a downpour earlier in the morning while myself and three friends were off to Clonakilty to get our hair done. I went to a place called Lady Pearl's (run by two fabulous ladies). They specialize in vintage hair and the salon was hipper than hip. Loads of cool knick knacks like rollerskates straight from my childhood and lots of purty hats! The cash register was even retro. Myself and my friend Niamh have plans to go back down for our haircuts very soon. I let my hair grow for a long time to have more to work with at the wedding and now I'm sick of it. I'm a short hair gal. I do like the long, but, boring. Anyways, I had a total Marie Antoinette 'do, it was amazing. I'm going to wait until my friend Shona who was snapping away a load of beautiful pics to post me the shots on CD before I share any so they are the best ones. If you are friends with me on facebook you've seen some anyways.

Then, I came back and a fab lady named Rosa who lives just down the road and works for Pearl and Godiva (the vintage china hire company I used for tea cups and dessert plates and absolutely amazing chairs) did my makeup. I bagged all the best for my style wedding and they were everything I wanted. Think they were equally pleased I was as far from bridezilla as possible and told them to do their thing (because I trusted their judgement and abilities!). When I was in the hair salon Paula told me she had a bride once that wanted to make her hair to her shoes. I mean, wtf? Who the hell are these crazies? Anyways. So far, so good. Oh, and ionracas did my bouquet and it was the most beautiful one I'd even seen. It suited me and the theme so perfectly. Jess is a star.

Obviously I was delighted up to this point. The day before we spent all day getting ready-- I put up tables and with the help of my mom wrapping silverware and Breda ironing table runners and putting out glasses I got my tables dressed absolutely perfectly. The room was incredible. After staring at wedding blogs for inspiration, the room came together to really reflect the themes I was hoping for.

We had a great ceremony, very heartfelt, outside in the walled gardens. I didn't think I would cry and damn, I started to! Ha. Cormac cried at the registrar's office but at this read a very thought out set of vows. I didn't cry at the registrar's office (in fact, I paused at the 'I Do' part and laughed because I was waiting for her to say something else). We had drinks after and everyone mingled for a while as Shona snuck us off for some pretty pictures around the estate. Just a few. We didn't want many forced shots just lots of candids. She really was great!

Then, reception. Ugh. It began to fall apart a bit. I should note that I left my meds at home and I had been without for 4 days at this point. I doubt that helped. I started to feel like the fam hated us for what we were doing, that no one stuck to the simple things we had asked for and that the mums were getting super stressed out and annoyed. I think this was probably partially paranoia on my part, but, not completely. To catch you up we catered ourselves, and asked some family members to do a few things. Then all these other things began to pop up. I know what happened. Cormac's mum thought we wouldn't have enough food. We would have. Fresh salad fixing and bread and cheese never came out.nSure, if it had, there would have been no room. My desserts nearly pushed off the tables by jelly. All completely well meaning I think, but a total lack of confidence in our planning. This of course made things get complicated. Looking back, we should have told specific people to get out specific things at specific times. My bad. Also, we hired two staff for heating up food and cleaning up and well, I had to get narky at one stage when my mom asked what I wanted them to do and say "this stuff you guys are doing! go get a drink and go outside!". I just wanted them to enjoy their time. I was so laid back about everything I didn't want to get cranky about anything and I'd worked hard up to this point and felt like, well, no one gave a shit. Again, probably paranoia. So I got super upset and had to walk off crying. Sat on the end of a dock in my wedding dress for a while. Supa neat. I just didn't want everyone upset at me/us for having to help out and that we didn't do the big catered event thing where everyone sat there and was served. We just didn't want that. I managed to cover it up pretty well and thanks to Rosa with her airbrushed foundation and waterproof mascara I nearly turned down I was still fresh as a rose. I sat through dinner kind of in a huff and I didn't mean to be, but I was fighting back tears. Which, blew. Oh well, passed.

Then I moved tables around and cleaned up with the help of amazing friends and family and we rearranged the room for the band to get set up. Cormac being a musician with a slew of amazing musicians in attendance holy hell balls we had the best wedding band eva. Everyone was up and down and back up immediately after each song because it was so good you couldn't not dance. The girls were beautiful and danced around in the back-- Harper fell asleep early and slept in a back room the whole night! The mums took Jane back to their house to mind her for the night.

We thanked everyone for their individual bits and especially all the family and our friends for making it feel like an intimate family occasion. In fairness, everyone lended a hand and as far as I know, besides some of the weird vibes I had earlier from stressed out mums and some sisters I think it was without any complaint. What an amazing day. Pictures soon!

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April 6, 2011 • 8:53 pm
Wake Up: Two days in a row, could it be?

So, I have plenty to post so I might as well get posting.

My dad is not going to be at my wedding. It's taking me a while to swallow this. I worked hard guilting him into the plane journey, he'd tried on an old suit, tickets were close to booked...

and now he has the worst skin cancer you can get, at stage 3 nearly 4, deep in his hand which requires surgery. Doctor won't let him postpone it. My dad needs a walker to get around, so after having surgery on the 26th, there is no way he'd be well enough then two weeks later to fly.

I'm sad. I knew deep down he would come, even if it took a lot of convincing, as he wouldn't want to miss my wedding. Now, its out of his control. It's very possible that two of my close friends who wanted to come as well might not make it either. Overlooking the other depressing fact that an old friend, nearly a sister, has made no effort to contact me ever since not seeing us during our visit at Christmas... sigh. Anywho, this is not to say I don't value my new-ish friends I have in Ireland, Cormac's family, and my mom. It just really draws a thick line between this life and who I am now, and my life in America. I hate that. I wanted it to be the one time when things were one.

Moving along. Business just keeps getting better, a big cake order came in for the weekend on top of getting an invite in on Ardkeen market this weekend and at Easter (although I'm not going to take them up, I've obligated to Clonmel for that weekend). Ikea Saturday instead of Sunday, so. Woot.

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April 5, 2011 • 4:34 pm
Wake Up: An update, overdue.

I'm alive.

I feel like every few months I get around to posting I promise to post more often. Oh well!

I'm feeling groovy after getting 10 billion codeine tablets for an earache. I have no idea why he gave me so many but I'm not complaining.

Things have been busy, in a good way. I'm feeling like the business is starting to gain ground in the community-- people have heard of me and I'm getting a lot of word-of-mouth orders. Markets have been slow, but I'm hoping with the summer just around the corner people will be getting out of the house on the weekend. They are not spending money, but because I sell food I'm one of the few vendors to make money every weekend. The Waterford Festival of Food is coming up on the 17th. I'm taking some time off in the next month with every I've got going on. If I feel like I can manage, I'll do the Waterford indoor market on Saturday. We're off to IKEA on Sunday to buy crockery and such for the wedding so I'll skip my Sunday market in Clonmel.

The girls are amazing. Jane is slowly emerging from her teenage 3 year old syndrome and is turning out to be an incredible and clever girl. She's creative, singing her own songs and making up her own stories. Her vocabulary is exquisite. Her sense of humour is developed. Her sense of style for a 3 year old is second to none! I couldn't be more proud.
Harper is her own little person. Laid back and confident. She's already climbing up on the chairs and from there on to the table. She's mostly happy but has a tiny little temper that pops up now and again. She smells like Cormac.

I brought Jane with me to the market on Sunday and she was great. She downed two hot dogs, an ice cream cone and a cookie. Impressive!

The wedding is May 13th. Cormac's sister Oona went above and beyond and out of her way to set up a hen night for me-- I thought just a meal and going out for drinks in Cork but she's arranged a whole night out-- a craft lesson and a night in a B&B as well as a meal out. I nearly cried when she revealed the plan, since I'm far away from (and have grown apart from some) my friends back home that would have been involved in this part of my life. I'm looking forward to it as a night to 'bond' a little better with his sisters on a personal level since we have yet to really have a chance to do that.

I just won a mother's day competition. I never win anything. Til now. I won a five course meal for two at a local hotel, a make up day and a €50 voucher to whatever shop I'd like in City Square shopping centre in Waterford. I'm thrilled!

I really need to plan a day for updating LJ. I still read it!

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February 15, 2011 • 9:46 am

I'm alive.

I feel guilty for not updating.

I read your posts guys.

It's been so hectic and although I can surf the net for ages without being hassled the second my fingers hit the keys to type I'm needed. I think its because I can split my attention when I'm just surfing but they know I need to focus when I'm typing. I mean to sit down and get everything out at night, but then Cormac comes home, and we do our thing. No excuse.

I've been business planning, getting into lots of markets and pushing the cakes. I get pushed back now and again. I recently had a lady who is another American expat to whom I OFFERED HELP rip off my price list from my website, word for word (she copy pasted quite obviously and then changed a tiny detail here and there). She is also doing the market in Clonmel that I do now. It just really, makes me angry. If she had asked, I would have gladly offered it for a short time until she could get her own in place. But she's barely spoken two words to me each time we've met. I just feel like with two kids and all the work and time I've put into the business its my price list damnit, and I put in the time-- you should too. I have a hard enough time when other business in the same line of product/service start up in my area!
I'm not intimidated, just annoyed. Anyways, lifes too short to not be cool about things. I've put in an ad in the paper (just the services section) for wedding and occasion cakes so we will see if I get any business from that. I need to contact the list of florists and wedding planners that I made that Jim had me get together for networking. I've had a lot of enquiries anyways for summer wedding cakes and I'm hoping most of them confirm.

I deleted a lot of parenting communities, like babywearing/clothdiapering etc. We're moving on past that at this point (Harper is 16 months!) and it takes up so much of my friends list. Hip domestics is gone too. There used to be an option at the top to view just journals, or view just communities, but thats gone. It was so handy! WTF.

I'm wedding planning, too. It's a little stressful when you are DIYing a lot of stuff and want to save money. I have burlap for the tables and really beautiful linen to make either table runners, or table placemats. Haven't decided. Dress should be coming soon, made a back up dress that's also nice. Making crepe paper flowers. Getting friends to help. Trying to get out of an offer from Cormac's mom to pay for a caterer... where we are getting married means some crap roast dinner being made off site and heated up on site, and for the meal and plates (just two meats and some veg) is €900! for 50 people and 18 kids. That's more than the cost of the total hire of cool vintage china and chairs from, cutlery and crockery bought from ikea, glass rental from Tesco, and table hire. She's amazing and only wants to take pressure off of us, and prob thinks we are crazy. We just want to have some cold sliced roasted ham, potato and pasta salads, salad bar and soup tureen, rolls, and vat of chicken curry and vat of rice, and naans. That'll fill people up, will be super cheap and relaxed. Everything can be made ahead of time and still taste delicious. I'm happy to put in the work. I get this impression its wrong to ask people to pitch in, but I like the community spirit of being together? Am I wrong? Anywho. I hope she is cool about us turning it down. Cormac really wants to make our own food. I know he'll be off mood if we don't get to.

Looks like my mom AND dad will make it. He's ventured into the closet and tried on a suit (and has one that fits). That is a good indication he is wrapping his head around making the flight...

Cormac and I have reservations for Emiliano's in Waterford for an early bird on Thursday, Cormac's mum is coming up to watch the kids. Yay! We just got back from Dublin where I had a market on in the Dublin Food Co-op called the Ferocious Mingle. It was great. Vintage/handmade stalls, entertainment, etc. We were next to a lady who made the best falafels (baked!). I did well, and then was told how slow it was. Totally worth it seeing as I got to crash with schmoomom who I have been going through withdrawal without seeing! So I will go again next month (its once a month) and enjoy the changing up. Sticking with the market indoors in Waterford on Saturdays and indoor in Clonmel on Sundays. I'm not doing any markets on March 5th-6th as that's the LLL conference. Loads of cakes. It's all good. Cormac isn't gigging as much these days, precious recession, so its good to have the work.

Til next time, soon, I hope!
Keep updating guys! Don't die LJ.

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January 18, 2011 • 8:04 pm
Wake Up: For my remembering: delicious beef stew

400g stew beef
one ginormous lidl sweet potato, cubed
1 large carrot sliced
1 onion, shredded
1 celery stick, shredded
2 cloves garlic
2 bay leaves
2 tbsp tomato paste
shake of soy sauce
1 beef bullion cube
500 ml water
1/2 cup red wine
bundle of thyme or whatever nice you've got.

Tab of butter and some olive oil, saute onions and celery and carrots
toss in sweet potato cubes and chopped garlic cloves
Dump in large crock to go into the oven.

Coat beef in flour and seasoning salt, braise in pan.
Dump into crock w/ veggies.
Deglaze with red wine.
Add water and bullion.
Pour into crock, stir around. Bake in the oven covered at 180c/350f for 2-3 hours.
Nom nom.

Note to self: Next time, dumplings.

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January 10, 2011 • 9:33 am
Wake Up: I'm behind

on posting in the new year.

Well, first thing is first-- I got a night out at Issacs Hotel in Cork for Christmas and the girls were to stay with Cormac's parents in Cobh. Yay! I was hesistant, of course, because I have not left even Jane all night with anyone before. Wednesday was the day and we drove down to Cobh-- I wasn't feeling great then, but just tired so I didn't complain. First night out! Must feel good! Dropped off the girls and went into Cork. We had to go in and apply for our Notification of Marriage-- so after we had a very helpful and polite public sector employee help us I was feeling good. That was the last time. The rest of the night deteriorated. I started feeling really tired, then fevery... couldn't taste my food, couldn't really drink. We managed dinner at Boqueria and a few pints for Cormac and a hot toddy for me at Sin e but after that I had to get back. We bought The Hangover from Xtravision and watched it on my computer at the hotel. Bummer. It was still nice to get away.
We get back only to find that both girls are sick and Harper was upset a lot of the time.

So here we are, all sick with runny noses and on-off fevers and coughs. I thought about getting into the doctor today, but we'll likely go tomorrow, for Harper. She's sleeping pretty much all day since Thursday. When she is awake she eats, she plays, she smiles but is still very obviously sick. I don't like it. I know its probably a flu/viral but, eh, I wanna be sure. I feel like crap... if I could just sleep for two days I'd be over it but that's not going to happen.

We're getting married in Ireland, by the way. A small ceremony (we're probably getting married in the registry office as our venue is far from there and it will cost us an extra 250 euro just to have them drive out to us) of our own and our own food and booze with a few family and friends down in West Cork in . Sometime in mid-May, aiming for the 17th-21st. We're going to try and go down to check it out the end of the week.

So, I promise, more updates as soon as I'm not dying anymore.

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December 24, 2010 • 8:00 pm
Wake Up: Merry Christmas to All!

Big update post xmas re: FL visit, etc.... new years resolution will be to resurrect this LJ. I always read posts, I promise.

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November 15, 2010 • 9:51 am
Wake Up: Pain in the head

I've had a horrible headache the last couple days. It's the back of my head, and my neck especially. Now, it feels good to rub my neck and I don't have a fever but its starting to concern me a bit. Either way I at best need an adjustment or at worst have a brain tumor or aneurysm and will be dying at any minute. Neat. I'm not having visual disturbances or unnatural imbalance (naturally I'm rather clumsy anyways) or numbness so I'm guessing thats a good sign. I'm going to try to get into the doctor tomorrow.

Had the Cashel Arts Festival yesterday and that went okay. It was a fairly small event, which I had expected. I'm eager to get started organizing myself for the new business I'm starting together with my friend Niamh from The Loving Spoonful for catered tea parties. We're going to aim for spring time next year. Had my trusty au pairs Nancy and Katie helping me out throughout the day and we all grabbed some food after the event.

It's freezing here! Gah. Fun day inside. Time to bust out the crayons.

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November 8, 2010 • 11:47 am
Wake Up: Yup

Jane won't eat at all, not even nice things she'd normally die a death to get from me so, tummy is officially not so good. I'm feeling equally not so good, so after a small trip to the shop we're back in the living room. Harper is marching moo cows around on the carper (so cute) and Jane is camped on the couch. Poor thing. She isn't sure how to handle it because she's only been sick maybe twice before this. And both of those times was while/after traveling.

I meant to post about Harper. If any child has ever suffered second child syndrome more, its her. Poor thing. She's a good sport, always happy and smiling, she's crawling like a bear on feet and hands and cruising around the furniture. She's clever, full of talk, bit cheeky... I love her. A super easy child. Which is what we need while Jane is having a tough time getting through her 3's. Jane is a very smart girl but she is me through and through. She gets impatient and angry if she can't do something/figure something out, gets easily stressed if she can't communicate her needs, etc... I'm trying to stay patient as I know we are having major attention issues having to share mommy and daddy with Harper (who is now a super mobile and individual entity as opposed to a cute little doll that opens and closes its eyes). She LOVES Harper, so at least she isn't putting any of her annoyance on her. It comes out in the form of attention seeking behavior towards us. It's not too bad, but I don't like it. I tolerated it much better before she was capable of speaking. Now I really put on the mean mommy face and tell her if she can't use her words to tell me/ask me/be nicer about it I won't be able to help. I'm trying to re-read How to Talk so Kids Will Listen and How to Listen so Kids Will Talk. Now, if only Cormac would read it.

I've doing okay. The Lustral/Zoloft seems to have really helped. It's not like Prozac (where I felt super great, but had lots of agitation/anxiety), but puts me where I assume normal people are. I wish it made me feel on top of the world like the Prozac, but, at least it means I don't lose my cool in 5 seconds and I never go that extra step of really losing it and then spiraling into depression. It's great. Of course, times like this you feel like you are normal and don't need meds-- preventative meds are always the hardest to stick to. This I'm good with, my asthma steroids on the other hand...

I'm boring these days. I suppose if I actually updated regularly I'd have something better to say than being busy trying to play catch up. I'm working on it. I miss my LJ community of friends but at least having so little time means I don't get involved in LJ drama anymore (and I feel less like arguing these days anyways, I've accepted the stupid are stupid and I'm not likely to change their minds and the smart ones will figure it out eventually).

Pictures will come soon, I swear. Harper turned one on Halloween, of course! Along with her cousin Adam. Jane was a princess witch (her title not mine) and Harper had a little pumpkin princess dress. So cute. 1 year already. Crazy. Time for the snip snip so I can be done. Ha!

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November 8, 2010 • 9:44 am
Wake Up: Princess and the Pauper

I am totally grabbing time to update LJ while I have on some Barbie princess movie I recorded on Sky+ (Jane loves princesses at the moment so when I saw it I pressed record, besides this, she only really watches Scooby Doo or Timothy Goes to School which I record, or a DVD at movie time...). I don't really feel bad about Jane, but Harper is in there watching it too. Oh wells, poor second child. As a side note, unless you are Pixar, you should be banned from computer animation. Just saying.

Generally we wouldn't be having TV right now but we have a stomach virus in the house. OH yes. Fun times. I've returned to update after leaving you weeks without info to tell you we are puking and pooping all over the place. Well, Jane, anyways. I woke up to Harper having a very watery gift for me to clean up. Poor Jane has had a number of what she likes to refer to as "fartpoops". I think she is ever so nauseous because she's thrown up a couple times but only kind of a retching/reactionary kind. She feel asleep this morning just laying on the couch. I always know she feels crappy when she does that. Cormac and I feel a little bit out of sorts, my tummy is a bit funny.

SO, that's the fun world I'm coming from this morning. Was supposed to go in and do the shopping and meet a friend for coffee while Jane was in school, but we'll make do with what we have in the house (shouldn't be hard since Jane isn't eating right now anyways).

I was going to start supplying the Waterford Crystal cafe with sugar cookies today but given the sickness around the house I decided to wait until the end of the week. Better they be fresh at the weekend anyhow. I have the Cashel Arts Festival on Saturday as well. No cakes this week. I have some cakes for next week. It's been slow-ish. The ex-SOMA market is restarting and will be right behind city square from Thursdays-Sundays, so I have to think about how much of that I want to take on.

Everyone is pretty worried about the budget. Ireland is in the crapper at the moment and we'll likely get hit with property tax and water charges, that's not to think about losing more child benefit too. Ugh. We both have money coming in, so we'll shut up and be thankful.

I'm going home with the girls in 4 weeks. I'm really looking forward to it. I haven't seen my dad in a year and half! He's never seen Harper. Mom was over at Christmas so it'll have been a year since I've seen her, too. It's been hard. Missing my friends, too, of course. We'll have the early part of December with them and then we'll be home in time to have the last two weeks of December together with Cormac and Christmas at the Kavanagh's which is really wonderful. I feel pretty lucky to have a second family who are so fab.

I feel like I've been really busy lately. I can barely get clothes put away. I feel like its slowing down for the holidays so I can catch up with friends.

Ahh Harper calls, I must go. More later.

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October 6, 2010 • 11:51 am
Wake Up: Oh the busy bee

I've been swamped lately, so no updates in a long time. I do read my friends list every day so I am keeping track of all of you! Business is booming and lots of opportunities have came up. I had a meeting with the Waterford Area Partnership and it looks like I'll be getting a grant to pay for advertising in the Munster Express newspaper for a month. I might get out and about at the Waterford Micro Business Network assembly next week, too.

I booked tickets for me and the girls to go to visit my parents December 2nd- 16th. I'm really looking forward to it this year. Plus, the exchange rate is good at the moment.

Cormac quit one of his bands for the moment so money is something we are keeping an eye on. I'm going to have to drop Jane from Sue's, even though I love her there. We just gotta cut back where ever we can. Thought the brakes had went on the car yesterday, after Cormac had ran over a nail the day before. They are fine, but holy stress.

I went to see the psychologist for the first time yesterday. She's nice, we chatted about my past which I do find difficult to dredge up. It's hard for me to be honest with her, but I'm going to try to be. No sugar coating. She isn't what I expected as she's warm, liberal minded and well traveled... so I'll go this road with her. I also saw the psychiatrist yesterday and I upped my dosage on Zoloft (Lustral here) as I'm tolerating it really well and have some improvement.

The weather here has turned chilly but I can't believe the sun persists in shining warmly down on us. Is this Ireland? We've had real seasons so far this year. Snowy and frosty winter, bright and rainy spring, warm sunny summer... now a chilly, sunny, leaf-changing fall? Perfect. I'm ready for pumpkins and warm coffee and soup.

I've had to pull away from some of my commitments. I'm feeling guilt and strain with the LLL girls at the moment, too, and its stressing me out. I don't like to be on bad terms with people. I had to turn down Foroige this year, too, even though I know Smadar needs the help and I love the kids... but even one day a week where someone definitely needs me to turn up is more than I can give right now. I'm getting orders in on a regular basis, and supplying the shop on the weekends. I'm close to popping into the Ardkeen Market and have a couple of festivals coming up. I'm trying to find time to do my accounts but I can barely sit down and right this update. But I needed to get some things out of my head on to paper so I don't need to think about them anymore. If you understand how that goes. If you journal, you do. I feel the lack of LJ in my life, which sounds stupid but I used to rely on LJ heavily to work out my feelings- like having a chat with a friend.

So, business is good, I had quite a few successful festivals and I've updated the site so if you want to check it out and give me feedback that's great. I was finding that the blog format was confusing for people and I wanted to present a more business-like facade. I'm working on a plan or even bringing in a partner or two for the long term, I don't know. It's hard to share something you've worked hard to build up, but I know some talented people and I think to expand as much as I'd like (a premises) I'll need the help of people I know and trust. So, at least there is extra money coming in. I'm lucky to have another expat, Nancy, who loves helping me out at the stall. She's an au pair in Tipperary. Another family au pair, Katie, from Canada, is great too. I haven't been socializing much, they came down and stayed over one night and it was great to have adult time.

There are piles of laundry, walls unpainted... ugh. I've been trying to take the time aside everyday to do something interactive with Jane, too, like painting or arts and crafts (she loves it) because she's starting to act out in a way that makes me feel she isn't getting enough individual attention. Everyone was right, as soon as Harper started really moving around, playing with toys... Jane's attitude has changed. She's putting her foot down about possession of her toys. She wants to keep Harper away when she builds things with her blocks or forts. It's also tough getting her to stop bugging her when I'm nursing her. She wants to play with Harper, too, and she loves her loads. She just has a bad habit of grabbing her leg if she crawls away from her, or pulling her down. Boy oh boy. Jane's sleep is all over the place again, too.

I've joined a gym, and I'm going to try and go. Today, even. If I go even once a week its worth what I've paid. I need the time to unwind.

Cormac has a new blues band and their first gig is on Friday. Cormac's parents are going to come around and watch the girls so I get to see them play! I'm very excited to get out and get dressed up but I'm even happier for Cormac because I know he has been dying inside playing crappy cover songs he hates and he finally gets to play for musical merit after a long hiatus.

Enough time wasted here, I need to plan out the weekend

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September 13, 2010 • 11:55 am
Wake Up: Harvest time

Take a picture of yourself right now no make up yadda yadda okay:

So busy. It's insane. I really need to email Ramona and Crystal before they stop caring about me.

I'm just barely grabbing a few minutes to type up something. I made an absolute killing at the Waterford Harvest Festival. If I made that kind of profit every time I set up I'd be happy. It was roasting all day! Well, until the clouds came blowing in but otherwise it was incredible. You could convince me I've been living somewhere other than Ireland this summer. Nancy came to help me, saint she is, and the day flew by. We met a couple of Americans, too, one works at the Educate Together school I'll be sending Jane to.
Around 5pm it poured rain for 15 minutes or so and then once it cleared up a kid ran over to me from the Imaginosity tent. He asked "how much are the muffins?" and then a bucket of water fell off my gazebo right on his head. I'm not kidding you, this was the stuff that comes out of candid camera. So I immediately handed it to him and said "free?". Omg this kid didn't even crack a smile. I felt horrible. But, it was, right on his head. Only on his head! A cute little kid that was standing next to him smiled and said "I got a little bit on me too here" cheeky... he got his free, too.

Poor Harper is bringing in more teeth and she always gets sickly when she does. So its runny nose and coughs now and again although you wouldn't know she is sick the way she is scurrying around. She is crawling well and trying to stand up against things. So.cute.

I've switched to Zoloft so we will see if this does much for me. I had a mini meltdown the other day before I started baking when I stumbled across another baker's website who operate in Waterford. I have to keep reminding myself that I make really delicious stuff and I started from absolutely nothing to get where I am now.

On a brighter note, I'm supplying the local shop now! They sold two dozen cupcakes by 2pm Saturday so I gave them another two dozen and some other bits yesterday. I need to ring to see how it went. I missed the annual Portlaw Fair in the Square unfortunately. I would have loved to have a bit of a presence there with cupcakes for the kids or whatever but I had to go where the money was! I love being part of the market/food producer ring, you meet such lovely people. I've had some inquiries about supplying a couple of cafes so I'm looking forward to seeing how that pans out.

This week its Jilkenny tomorrow, maybe a trip to Nancy's farm Weds, baking Thursday, Cork Friday to drop off cake, little festival in Listerlin Saturday, and maybe Ikea Sunday. Busy!

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September 3, 2010 • 9:37 pm
Wake Up: Alone with ice cream and no crap tv to watch...

I bought these amazing shoes as a little gift to me (I've recently decided to take a little more interest in my personal fashion and sense I NEVER wear fancy shoes, I'd get something nice-- polkadot KangaROO brand heels!)... and they don't fit. I got heel inserts as well to try and make them fit but they are just too big. I feel like my feet have shrunk. They are supposed to be UK 6 (which is US 8.5) but I normally wear a 9 at home! I would need a UK 5 for them to fit and they are sold out in that size :( they are so comfy though I'm going to go ahead and buy the denim blue ones even though they are not nearly as quirky.

Had a social week- Wednesday I went down with the girls to see ionracas and had a great time catching up and sharing my leftover baked goodies. Jane played with Henry, who is about a year younger than her-- and they were incredibly cute. She was shy for a while when we got there but by the time I needed to head home she was grabbing his hand and they were playing yell together games. Aw.

Last night a friend of mine Niamh and her boyfriend Joe came over late for dinner. Jane was already in bed so we had a mostly adult evening, which was nice for a change. I made a mean chicken parmesan. It was my second time making it and I have to say-- DAMN. I make good chicken parm. I did crap up boiling the pasta but I wasn't paying enough attention and was making double the amount I normally do. Still tasted fine. Had a few drinks and slept soundly.

My damn mobile isn't working again. I think Harper may have attacked it again, and I'm going to go at it with a blow dryer soon but I'm considering switching to the 3 network and getting a smartphone.

Niamh left behind some homemade ice cream and I'm eating it with sugar cookie crumbs. Oh yum yum. All I could use now is something good on tv to watch but there's nothing. Not even anything recorded! Bah.

Tomorrow we're having dinner at Angelica's and I have some special pressies for her birthday. Nice to have a little relaxation before the Harvest Festival next weekend. I made a really cool bon voyage cake today though. Pictures on the blog later. I will, someday, actually update my business blog too. I suck at making time for this.

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August 26, 2010 • 5:56 pm
Wake Up: Another post already!

Harper just gobbled down a massive amount of strained chicken tikka masala. That is, I just put a few spoonfuls in a strainer and ran the tap over it to wash out the saucy part. She and Jane scoffed it down (yeah I have to do it for Jane too or she would complain "too spicy!"

I made a shit load of blondies, brownies and chocolate chip cookies day. I have sugar cookie dough in the fridge that I will bust out after I get Harper to sleep.

Tomorrow I need to make chocolate and vanilla cupcakes, apple crumble squares, blackberry muffins and scones. Plus a cake to order and a cake for competition.

I'm entering three competitions: a sponge cake competition (which is vanilla cake, really), a scone competition and queen cakes (cupcakes). Fingers crossed they are not looking for the most traditional (bland and dry). Ahem!

I'm looking forward to the Iverk Show. It's a big event. Moira (Cormac's sister) is coming tomorrow evening to help me with the last bits, probably icing cupcakes, and to run the stall tomorrow. I'm so thankful she's coming along-- although she's been sick so I hope she is feeling better.

I haven't heard from Ramona in a long time. I should probably be emailing her instead of updating livejournal.

I want to buy pretty shoes. If there is anything I have never been into its shoes. Or even terribly fashionable clothes. But I've decided I want to care more about my appearance showing my personality and now that I'm not fat with cankles I should try out wearing nice shoes (plus I've worn holes through my flip flops and am close to doing the same with my crocs). I keep drooling over some irregular choice heels. Anyone have suggestions for funky brand shoes? I'm looking for something kind of classy, not necessary huge heels though. I'm getting teary eyed going through ebay.

Time for cheap vodka.

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August 25, 2010 • 5:40 pm
Wake Up: Woke up this morning... bought yourself a gun

I'm determined to update on a regular basis. I feel like I'm losing touch with people I really enjoy knowing via the internet because I don't update anymore. I've seen people move away and abandon LJ completely and that always upsets me. So. I must update. I always read my friends list, even if I don't comment. It's mostly that I have to fight tooth and nail to type. Even as I do this Jane is sitting on my lap asking who the person in my LJ icon is which is pretty distracting.

I'm taking it easy. I've been turning down some things lately as advice from Angelica not to be doing too much. I do have a lot going on. However, it just seems things have come into place to keep me from things I like. I missed the last American expat meet up (Mexican themed! :( ) because our tire got a weird nub in it and driving two hours on it didn't seem like a good idea. It worked out, since Cormac's sister Oona was coming by and we had a nice time catching up with her.


I wrote that over a week ago and didn't get to finish it.

Harper is trying to crawl. She does a little, but then wiggles and scoots somehow to get where she wants to go. She'll be 10 months the end of the month.

Jane is going back to creche and maybe playschool next week. Still undecided what we are doing.

I had two markets this weekend and neither were all that great. Lark in the Park was going on for Waterford Youth Arts to raise money but they didn't advertise that food stalls would be there so people walked in off the street with Subway or prepacked ice creams and stuff so I didn't sell loads, although I made a lot of great contacts.

There is a huge agricultural show this weekend called IVERK that I'll have my stall set up at. It will be massive, with at least 20,000 visitors. SO. I'm entering some of the contests too: the great cherry cake contest, the best plate of scones, the best six queen cakes (cupcakes for you non-Irish), and the best sponge cake (which is just, like, any ol' vanilla cake really). Fingers crossed! Regularly cake and cupcake orders coming in all the time, I have a cake and two dozen cupcakes to make on top of that this weekend.

I was a bit frustrated this weekend as I had a cupcake order for delivery but the people were never home. A friend bought them for their birthdays from abroad. I got paid, I just feel bad about it. The girl must, too, since she hasn't gotten back to me.

We're having trouble adjusting in the household to both myself and Cormac haven't things we need to do for work. It's disheartening sometimes and often I feel like "oh bollocks to this I'll just stop baking and make this easier on everyone". Then I remember, I get paid. It's not like some hobby I waste my free time on. It's my job and I make a lot more in less out of house time than I would in a part time job. So I stop feeling guilty.

We're on season 3 of The Sopranos. Apparently Breaking Bad is next on our list because its supposed to be amazing.

My dad is sick. He needs an operation that one doctor says without he will become paralyzed, and NOW he has low blood pressure and blood sugar and they don't know why (and because of this, of course, they can't operate even if he wasn't procrastinating by seeking a second opinion). I hate not being there to give him support. I have to prod as well because I never know if I'm going to be kept in the loop as to what's happening with his health. My biggest fear is losing him and having not have seen him in a while, and if something were to happen to him before he's even seen Harper... I'd be devastated. My dad is 70 this year, so no spring chicken necessarily. Mom just keeps busy, I don't think she even thinks about it much, quite honestly.

There is an expat meet up on Sunday that I probably won't get to, one of our expat expats (she went back home to America) is coming to visit. I might see her at Iverk. It just means I'd have to drive up to Carlow. I'm hoping now that one of the girls doesn't think its because of her... we had some LJ drama a while back and I was trying to sort it out in case I was able to go... but its going to be busy. Monday I'm taking Harper to a place called Mini Musos... its a bit like Kindermusik but cheaper anyways. Jane will go the following week for her age group but she is welcome to come along on Monday anyways. There's also a meeting for organizing a breastfeeding exhibition in Waterford I would like to try to get to... there is a gap between what their group does and any involvement from La Leche League and I'd like to try and bridge that gap somewhere so there isn't this us vs. them feeling. I'm just busy as hell.

I just feel stressed lately. Cymbalta might as well be a vitamin. I feel some improvement, sometimes, but overall I'm not happy with the results and with the price of these pills I can't afford to pay for such a small improvement. I suppose we will move on to the Lustral (which is Zoloft).

bah better post this!

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August 10, 2010 • 9:42 pm
Wake Up: Bah

God I never update. I'm always too busy to spend time typing up whats going on.

Things are doing pretty well. We went for a walk up the mountain today and it was gorgeous. Long walk, picnic at the top. It was warm but not as humid as its been of late.

I started to get involved with a market in town that is focusing on giving local small scale producers and artists a chance to sell their stuff, and I had a stall on Saturday. Its definitely limited footfall at the moment but thats fine with me. I'm switching off weekends with a friend so it won't overwhelm me. I tend to have at least one cake order a week and then its not unusual for one or two other things to come up during the week so, I'm happy. I met a lot of really nice people with the market as well, so I'm glad I'm getting involved with them.

I also started looking around for something else to be involved in for fitness, well being, whatever. I know that the doc wanted me to take some sort of relaxation or yoga but I ended up finding a Bikram class and I was really excited to try it out. It was perfect. As a side note I also was able to stand on my head for the first time in my life. I can't get over how sore I am. I definitely think the yoga can tone. I need to get cycling or biking again, but its just having the time and energy to get started up again. I thought about joining a gym or swim lesson but I'm holding off for now.

I'm torn with Jane what to do after summer. She can go back to Sue's and I would love for her to stay with Sue a bit longer because I think its a great atmosphere and she loves it there. However, its a bit of a drive. There was an alternative, a change to put her in a Montessori opening up in Kilmeaden which is a bit closer but... I think I'll wait until next year. I just think she should have another year of time to just run around and be a kid and play. I'm still unsure. If she goes to Sue, it'll probably be either two full days (8-5pm) or I might work out something so she goes like, 8am until 2pm, for three days a week. Ah.

Anywho. I'm so boring. I'm making a pennant banner for my stall even though I won't be using it until next month. I can hang it at SOMA (thats the small market) I suppose. I'm indoors with a table at the IVERK show, which is a big agricultural thing I'm doing the end of the month. Anyways, pennant. Any time I google a craft item I end up seeing a billion other projects I'd love to have time to do.

We went to ikea. It's great. They have a free playroom to drop off kids! It's unbelievable. Anyways, we were still slightly rushed (our first trip was a bit rushed, too) but I know I wanted to just look around the gadgets and get a rug for the living room. We got a really neat one and its super soft. I se

Jane's doing great-- she's started sleeping pretty much all night in her bed, she wakes up once or twice but isn't climbing into our bed. She sleeps through until around 7am and then comes in to wake us. Harper is still a little chubbykins but she can move around no problem. Not crawling, not scooting... I don't know how she does it but she maneuvers around.

We're having dinner with friends tomorrow and on Saturday the Americans are having a mexican themed meet up, yum! Can't wait.

I'm resisting cutting my hair. It's getting long woohoo...

I have started to meal plan. We've got to. We run out of food, we forget to take something out to defrost... its ridiculous. Things are too hectic to not have the food planned. I'm kind of excited about it. Slow cooker for baking days!

I'm out of interesting things to update.

My mood has been, okay. I'm not sure of this dosage. I'm only at two weeks, though. I'll play it out.

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July 23, 2010 • 1:00 pm
Wake Up: So much easier

Keeping up with my friends list has been so much easier since I removed breastfeeding and parenting101. I'm still a member of both but now I don't have to sort through those bajillion posts to see the stuff I really want to read.

Three cakes today. One is for Jane's party in Cobh on Sunday. It's pink. I'm going to make it look like a toadstool with a fairy on top. I hope I have time to do it.

Time to make some chocolate ganache.

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July 21, 2010 • 4:16 pm
Wake Up: Happy Birthday Jane!

She's three. Holy hell how did this happen?

No party today, just fun times at home with cupcakes and spaghetti. We're doing her little party on Sunday in Cobh at Cormac's parents. Most of her friends are out of town save
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She's three. Holy hell how did this happen?

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No party today, just fun times at home with cupcakes and spaghetti. We're doing her little party on Sunday in Cobh at Cormac's parents. Most of her friends are out of town save <lj-user="ionracas">'s and our neighbors down the way so we figured we might as well spend it with some family and such. I kind of wish we could have had a big summer fun day but we can do something like that for no reason later when the weather is nice.

I'm going to make her a fairy cake. I have tow more clients' cakes to make for Saturday so I'm doing them all-- in the meantime I've made cupcakes :D I made them with color swirls, I'll post pictures soon on the blog because they look so amazing. You paint lines inside the icing bag with food coloring and it comes out with striped swirls.

Public Health Nurse check for Harper at 12:30, chubby chubkins is 20.56 lbs! I like her because she's always so happy when I tell her I'm still breastfeeding, "you're a great girl!". She's sweet. I've been lucky as far as PHNs go. I'm glad there is a very pro-bfing PHN here in a village that would be very much 'old Ireland' as those sort of things go.

Finally found watercolor paints at Tesco! Thank you kids' craft gods. I had Jane help me paint her stool and another chair she has with oil-based paint the other day... whoops! White spirit is nasty and our house stank for a while. It was worth it, she had a blast. She loves paint. And clay. I suspect glitter will be a hit but I'm not prepared to find out just quite yet.

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July 15, 2010 • 5:30 pm
Wake Up: I update to complain about things

I'm so frustrated. The Sky guy came out and hooked up our new Sky + box and the damn thing starting messing up and I had to monkey around with it for a while to get it to work again. Jane of course has to choose this time to get into anything and everything that would annoy me. She's too cute today though, I can't stay angry with her (btw, Cymbalta is not working. I go back on Tuesday to complain).

Plus the guy finishing the storage under our stairs and putting in shelves in the new cabinets (he also did the whole kitchen, a great job) keeps putting us off so I have just junk and crap laying around in my hallway and kitchen that I want to get organised but can't. *headwall*

I need to put sheets on beds. Jane keeps wetting the bed. Ugh. I give up, back to pull ups at night. She's either not waking up or we don't get to her in time. Twice we took her last night and she still wet the bed. Oh well.

Cormac and I got a chance to go out after I dropped off the cakes to the hotel in Cork. Our car, however, thought it would be a great time to have the radiator leak, so we barely made it down as it was. We left Jane and Harper with his parents for a quick dinner out. Atmosphere and staff were amazing but the food was seriously meh. We're too picky about our food, I think. It was nice to get out and feel human, though.

Harper's awake.

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July 10, 2010 • 9:32 pm
Wake Up: I don't mean to ignore you LJ.

I love you. I always have. I just don't get the time to write thoughtful entries anymore and facebook is an easy way to quickly update people so they can see I'm still alive out here.

It's been a mental month. I won't even bother looking the last time I updated because I know it was a ridiculously long time ago. I promise that I will make more effort to update. I'll be honest, its because my computer died, and then I was borrowing Catherine's spare laptop which was painfully slow. Now I have my brand spanking new super deal computer from ebay and I'm flying on 3gb of ram and 2.1 ghz dual processor so, woot.

In case you don't remember, I was doing the Dunmore East Food, Fish and Fun Festival. It went great!

I made a crap load of money. It was ridiculous. I felt so successful. After having given up on many other ventures, including doing anything with my degree in Anthropology-- to have a number of people call back to the booth to tell me how sinful my sweets were... left me utterly fulfilled. I feel like I'm following through on a dream. I feel like a business owner. I am a business owner. Every cake I deliver makes me feel more confident. I've got several other festivals to get involved in and I'm projecting they'll be just as sucessful. With the kitchen upgrade my work is so much easier. Oh, and kudos has to go out to Nancy, a new expat I've met here in Ireland who is working as an au pair for the Cashel blue cheese family in Tipperary. Second time we met and she helped me all day at the festival for nothing more than a few treats and lunch. She's an absolute doll.

Speaking expats, I had the July 4th meet up here again and we had a decent enough turn out. Clear skies, lots of delicious food, kids running and toddling around and sparklers. And with ionracas's homemade tortilla chips and mexican dip oh my god, who needs anything else. Oh yeah, could have used schmoomom (friend Jess- ionracas, would ya!) around but she's off galavanting around Maine, bitch. Actually, almost half the expats couldn't make it because they were home for the fourth.

What else. My chubs is getting huge! Harper is 8 months. She's adorable. She brings me light in the dark. When things are stressful she gives a little giggle and I'm renewed. She's huge. Over 20lbs. She has the cutest, chubbiest thighs and god help her she wants to crawl but I just don't believe she can move those turkey thighs. They're like those turkey legs you get at medieval festivals, ha!

I love her to bits. I never though you could love another child nearly as much as you love your first, but I'm absolutely enamored.

Jane has become such a little lady. A fairly sporty and obsence one, but a lady anyhow. She's full of so much energy... and whines... 3 is winding up to be a super exciting and challenging experience. I feel like it must be that hurdle from toddlerdom to childhood. She's regularly frustrated and then trying every second to test us. Oh, the patience needed. I love her, though. She's hilarious. She's extremely clever, her ability to speak her mind is unbelievable.

Cormac and I are great, happy days. It's been so busy with cakes and gigs and this that or the other plus the kids we could use some time to reconnect, but, it'll come in time. I've got a busy week next week (first wedding cake!).

My time is out, Harper is awake here. I promise it won't be this long again. I read my friends updates all the time I just don't comment (I'm looking at you marlatiara!). I want to make more of an effort to share my feelings, the way I used to blog. You know, in an interesting and somewhat artful way.

Til next time.

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June 20, 2010 • 8:31 pm
Wake Up: An update! I'm alive!

Pictures of the new kitchen, finished today! I'm so happy. The bar area is huge, there is so much workspace. I'm just sitting here at the table looking at the kitchen, happily. Funny when you do things like this you don't remember for a second the way it used to be. Sadly I'm out of room already. It's mad the room you lose when you take out those ikea units! I'm happy the way things are rearranged though, things are not as crowded as they once were.

It's been hot here in Ireland. Surprisingly. We're getting a real summer. I've managed to catch the 4 worst Irish summer on record, I do believe, and this one is making up for it. I'm sitting here and sweating after my shower.

I don't update like I should but its just busy busy busy. We just came home from being down in Cobh and at Cormac's cousin Shay's wedding in West Cork. It was nice but the drive back to Cobh (an hour) at midnight on West Cork roads was brutal. Ignoring the fact I'm generally in bed no later than 11pm these days.

I have the Dunmore East Food Festival on Sunday, which is going to end up being my first day in the stall. It's been jammed this month so I haven't been able to call around to other markets. I also have 3 cakes and 2 dozen cookies to do on top of all that stuff. Am I happy my kitchen is done in time for all this? Oh yes.

OH yeah, I ran the Mini Marathon in Dublin with schmoomom! It was brilliant. Other than it raining all day long. Such a feeling of accomplishment! Even with a back spasm E was able to finish it, I was so proud of her! Next time I hope they do something with the toilets though, I waited 20 minutes for a pee, and that was after running from the previous toilet 2km back because of the long lines. I have a shiny medal now. I'm going to do the Munster 10k here in Waterford in October. I need to get back on my running schedule. I've been lazy since the mini.

I'm supposed to have all the expats here for July 4th. That should be a nice way to relax after the craziness of this week. I haven't seen or spoken to ionracas in ages, I hope you can make it down Jess! Its on a Sunday. Lots of the expats are away in the states. Bastards.

I'll be over at Thanksgiving. At least I'll be able to hit those black Friday sales.

Oh, yes, I've started taking Cymbalta. We will see how it does. I tried out Prozac and had undesirable side effects. HOWEVER. I've been like a different person. I was anxious to go ahead, but the difference has been unreal. It's as though I get to the point of usual explosion (and being ridiculous, angry, spiraling into depression) but then, I just, don't. I almost expect to, and then I don't. Cormac has really noticed the difference, too. I like feeling like a normal person. Thanks for all your personal experiences you shared with me when I brought it up earlier.

We're going to try to go camping sometime soon while the weather is nice. Any suggestions? In Ireland, that is. Thinking of West Cork. It IS beautiful out there.

Harper is adorable and enormous. There's no way she can crawl with all that thigh chub. Thubby chighs. She's so cute. Jane is just unbelievable. At the wedding she was dancing on the dance floor all alone. She's a ring leader, I swear, even when the kids are preteens.

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June 3, 2010 • 9:10 pm
Wake Up: Last plea for donations

I will be running the Flora Mini Marathon 10k on June 7th, 2010 for donations to the Waterford La Leche League. With recent cutbacks, beneficial volunteer organizations such as La Leche League are receiving less funding.

La Leche League provides mother-to-mother support for breastfeeding moms. The support is offered through monthly meetings, home and hospital visits, and via phone whether mom feeds her baby for a day, a week, a month or several years.

Please donate any amount to this cause by clicking the secure Paypal button below. Thank you so much for your sponsorship!

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June 2, 2010 • 9:41 pm
Wake Up: Run run run

I just never update anymore, what a failure I am. My poor dusty LJ.

Mini Marathon is on Monday and I'll likely do my last run before it tomorrow morning. I'm going to try to get out of the house tomorrow. My friend Shona her vintage consignment shop opening tomorrow in Kilkenny, I'd really like to get out to see it. I do need to get a dress for Cormac's cousin's wedding. I could alternatively go into town tomorrow. I'll see what I feel up to. Lot's of driving at the weekend.

I also have my driving test next Wednesday. Balls. Anyone take the Irish driving license test? I do drive alone, like most Learner drivers, but I know they ask you a bunch of ridiculous stuff. There is a good website I saw the other day.

We'll be getting our kitchen finished up in two weeks time. The guy seems really solid and he's building most of the cabinets himself. We're even going to get an enclosure for the fridge, fancy! We already bought two new ovens to be installed as well. Two ovens. I won't know what to do with myself! Here's to hoping its all finished before the Dunmore East Food Festival so I can get full use of the new kitchen for it. I get kind of giddy thinking about it, its like Christmas.

Been having a pretty okay week now that I'm wound down from the panic episode. That really threw me. I'm trying to slow down a bit. I'm always thinking of this that and the other thing I have on my plate. I don't feel like I'm overextended but I do let my mind get ahead of itself. One thing at a time, one day at a time.

I cut bangs and now I am regretful. Now I just want to chop my hair off really short again. No wonder I never get my hand longer than my shoulders.

Fail update is fail.

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May 28, 2010 • 9:35 pm
Wake Up: Boooberries

I had a horrible panic attack on Thursday. I thought I was dying. We even had care doc come out. I was that convinced something awful was happening to me. I've only had small attacks before, one other time I had a bad one and Jason and Ramona picked me up. This was horrific. I am only now starting to feel back to normal. What the hell? I was having a great week, too. I would happily live the rest of my life not having another one.

Now? Now I have a plugged duct and that sucker hurts. There is a bleb, but like, I've been nursing through it kind of partially blocked for a while. Now I feel it in my breast. Just say no to mastitis, please please. Warm compresses here I come.

I made baked oatmeal with blueberries, apples and white chocolate. It's incredible.

We have a new laptop that I'm borrowing off of my Cormac's SIL Catherine. It's slow, but the internet browsing is like any other computer we have so it's good to have the access downstairs and to be able to do a few things. Plus, it has battery power! Less than an hour but after having my computer dying after 5 minutes its an improvement.

more later.

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May 21, 2010 • 3:33 pm
Wake Up: Sunshine on my window...

Sun hits Ireland and its a different country. People are happier, the ground is dry and we can all go out and enjoy this beautiful country for a little while. It was over 70 today. Next week its back in the teens (Celsius) but for now I'm going to enjoy the heat.

In other news, OUR WALL IS GONE! The wall between the kitchen and dining room is gone and we have one huge room. Brilliant. The plasterer is out tomorrow and we are getting a quote from the cabinet guy. Our under stair storage is cut out, too, just waiting on the cabinet guy to make a door.

I'm in a good mood. We had lunch in the park. Think we will have Mexican for dinner if we are able to get into the kitchen early enough.

My little chubby wubby got burnt at the beach on Wednesday, I didn't realize. Cormac's parents came up and we had a nice day out to lunch and on the beach. Harper's skin is fair like Cormac's ; Jane is like me. Jane managed to be the only kid on the beach who couldn't restrain herself and needed desperately to strip naked and jump in the puddles of water in the middle of the beach the high tide left behind. She has no shame, and I admire her little wild streak sometimes. We brought home pockets of rocks. I love this.

I've got cookies and brownies to delivery tomorrow that I finished yesterday. Handy Manny cookies-- they are SO amazing, I just keep looking at them and feeling proud. Check them out over at On that note, I think I am definitely in the Dunmore East Food Festival. I spoke with the lady in charge and she said that there will be a limit on the number of baked goods as there is no point in having loads of them... but she said myself and one other lady will probably be the only ones! She knew who I was when I mentioned my name so I'm thinking thats all good news. WOOHOO. I'm very excited. When the kitchen is all cleaned up next week I'm going to ring about the regular market.

I need to run today. I'm on week 5 of podrunner's couch to 5k, unfortunately with my laptop dying and the computer we're using being teh suck I can't get the podcast on to my mp3 player... so I have to use a stop watch, which I hate. Today's run will suck, I have to do it this afternoon sometime. I'm thinking of doing it in the morning instead. We'll see.

Expat meeting up at ionracas's house on Sunday, I'm hopefully getting in the kitchen tomorrow and making some cookies and blondies. I thought about making a cake but I will probably skip that since cake requires plates and its messy and people can just pick up cookies and blondies and walk away. Any excuse to make blondies. Speaking of which I'm starving... should eat something. I keep forgetting to eat, thats no good.

I made an update. Too bad its boring. I should throw in more emotion. I'm seeing the head shrinker next week so I'll make sure to update if I dig out any repressed memories. I'm feeling like I'm moving towards some sort of solution, so that gives me a bit of hope.

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May 12, 2010 • 9:29 pm
Wake Up: Sponsor my run!

I'll be running the Flora mini marathon 10k, as you know, on June 7th to raise money for our local La Leche League group.

If you want to help me out, dear friends, just click this link to my donation page.



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May 10, 2010 • 11:35 am
Wake Up: Blog update

Updated blog:

What do you think? I wanted to change to the three columns and I think it works better. I changed the header to go along with some of the materials I have. Should the "occasion cake and bakery" part stay to the side or be centered? I have both but my eyes are numb I can't decide which looks better now. Opinions dear friends!

The sun is out, so I'm hesitant to complain-- but damn its cold. I want to go out there, but yet...

Might go back into town in a while. To Angelica's and I also need light compost for my flowers.
I have so many weeds in the front little garden...

Happy Mother's day from yesterday US mamas-- hope you were treated right :)

Meeting Shona from Smoking Lily Boutique in town tomorrow-- a friend of ours is opening a vintage leaning consignment shop so if you are nearby and interested I'll pass you on the info-- you can look her up on facebook, too. The children's one I use now is brilliant as well--

Chicken soup day.

(lol I do look at it and every time I think thebahamamama...)

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May 9, 2010 • 8:46 pm

Wedding cake order *squeeeeee*!!!!

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May 9, 2010 • 6:22 pm
Wake Up: thebohomama

I did it :)

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May 8, 2010 • 10:28 pm
Wake Up: Jane v Harper 6 months

It's like, dark vs light.

Side by Side!Collapse )

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May 8, 2010 • 8:21 pm
Wake Up: These girls

Just look at 'em, being all, cute.

(thans for mah cookies and milk Marla :D )

/bragging about beautiful children post

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May 4, 2010 • 4:43 pm

20 minutes until I need to go pick up Jane. These days are eaten away so fast. By the time Harper and I do the grocery shopping, maybe wander around a shop for a little while, come home and Harper lap naps, the day is nearly gone!

Thought Harper had chicken pox, but now I realize I bet she had a virus and she had a viral rash as a result-- since the other day Jane and I both had a short fever and I have a slightly sore throat. Poor thing, she looks desperate. Pin prickly rash all over. 

Sue's husband is coming over tonight to look at the kitchen. We had guys out before who were supposed to quote us but they never contacted us again. I couldn't have made the whole thing much simpler, I even had a plan drawn out on the web with the cabinets we need. Maybe they were intimidated by that and thought I'd be hassle. It's simple. Take down a non-supporting wall and put in a handful of cabinets. It's a recession, take our money! We don't have much of it but geez, take what you can get dudes.

And, go time. 
God I suck at LJ right now.

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May 4, 2010 • 3:03 pm
Wake Up: Birth Stories in Ireland needed

Help mamas!

A friend of mine is putting together a book of birth stories and experiences with different birth option (domino, public, private, homebirth, doula etc). If you want to submit your stories to her, please email them to

Thanks guys!

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April 30, 2010 • 10:10 pm
Wake Up: Running hurts

My left ankle and heel and killing me. And I'm having pains in my right knee. Damnit.

I went out for the second day of week three on my podrunner couch to 5k and was fine walking and then the bells jingled and it was time to run-- OUCH. Stopped *expletive* Tried again. *expletive* Gave up. So disappointed. I didn't even want to run today, but once you are all geared up and ready to do it you want to and, sigh.

Cormac says to just rest and heal and it'll pass.

I'll give it a chance, but I'm inclined to feel negatively towards this running business. Before when I started cycling I came home with burning lungs and definitely burning muscles. I come home from running with achey joints for days. wtf.

Bad shoes? I think I could have kind of high arches. Or maybe I run all funky and don't realize it. I try to block out how ridiculous I probably look when I am running.

It's been raining, too. I got way too used to the dry weather. *shakes fist*

Ready to shell out for public and product liability insurance for the farmers markets. Will probably use the IOMST. Gonna run me 280euro, bummer. Although, if that means I get into the Dunmore East Festival of Food I reckon with that amount of footfall I'm going to make that all back!

We got a letter in the mail today and I'm not going to say who from but the tone was obvious and really annoyed us. I don't like when individuals make assumptions on what is fair or unfair about me and my family's situation, either. We're a busy little family! Where's that baby I had 6 months ago keeping us on our toes, oh yes, there she be. We're on it, trying to do it without breaking the piggy bank. /vagueness

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April 29, 2010 • 7:59 pm
Wake Up: Free toys

Got my free stuff (remember the gift vouchers for filling in the reviews?) from Franklin Goose trickling in to my mom's address.

One of the things she got today. She's going on about how she think itll be expensive to ship and too big to put in our suitcase. I'm giving her a big 'huh'? because I order like, this, little tool box with wood tools.

This, for $31:

But she got this, for $136, instead:

I am NOT going to let them know they made a mistake :) Invoice even has the right toy on it, I guess someone just packed up the wrong toy! HA! Merry Christmas Jane.

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April 29, 2010 • 3:25 pm
Wake Up: I've decided on...


I was going to take thebohomama... but there is one, only one, wordpress thebohomama... abandoned two years ago. Do you think its okay to take it? Should I? Or is thebohoma better?

I know, kicking the dead horse here, bear with me. Last decision. I think theboho__ keeps it tied to which is what I want.

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April 27, 2010 • 10:06 pm
Wake Up: Cakeboss

I want CakeBoss.

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April 27, 2010 • 12:16 pm
Wake Up: Foodie food food

Firstly, welcome new friends. I have an intro post that breaks down everything about me pretty well HERE.


Plus, I just keep looking at the website thinking man, something about it I don't like that much. I used to really be into web design but I guess I just don't have the time/energy to fiddle with it right now. It'll do.
I'm so behind on posting there, too.

Things are looking great with The Boho Kitchen. I registered for tax yesterday and the lady who came out was actually incredibly friendly and helpful, to my delight. Usually those folks are so grumpy. I was half worried I'd be in trouble for not registering sooner, but she was like 'nah no biggie'. 

My gazebo and tables are on the way. It's not a super duper expensive gazebo, but it has removable sidewalls and good amazon reviews. I was NOT going to pay over 200 euro for a market stall. I have leg weights which I will fill with sand or water, so I don't think I need to worry about it blowing away. Next, I have to swollow down the public liability insurance which I'm sure I can make back quickly. It's 200 euro, but for the whole year. Necessary evil. My aim, is to get into one of the markets regularly, so every week I can aim to make a minimum 100 euro. That's a decent little side income! For doing what I already love doing, baking. It means I can try new things and I don't have to sit at home forced to eat them all. 
I'm waiting to hear back from Ardkeen Market in town, I might have a place for May 9th. It makes me so excited I could pee myself. See, markets here are kind of crowded and a lot of them have waiting lists. Ardkeen is a great location for my goods. They'd be appreciated. Plus, once you are settled in a market you can usually hold on to your spot. Fingers crossed, anyhow. There is a food festival coming up in Dunmore East, which I have an application form on the way for. It's 50 to enter in, but zomgfootfall.

Jane is at Sue's today, and I really needed a day. I have a lot to do with the business and other little things that involve me doing paperwork or sitting at the computer and that has become nearly impossible to achieve these days. I have Harper passed out across my lap at the moment. It's windy with off and on showers today so at least I'm not tempted to go outside and garden instead today. You'd be surprised how quickly 5pm comes when you only get one day a week without your toddler running you crazy. I've been reading through Playful Parenting, which I read through too early the first time. Now I get inspiration and ideas for handing play. I'm not a preschool teacher for a reason, I just hate that sort of toddler play... so I gotta make it a bit fun for me, too. She's cranky lately, I mean, is 3 a bit like 13 or something?Angsty as hell. She needs more go-crazy-run-around energy release time, I think. Thank god its summer, soon. Let's hope its a decent one. 

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April 23, 2010 • 10:20 pm
Wake Up: Why fingerpaint buys you about 30 minutes of personal time...


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April 23, 2010 • 7:40 am
Wake Up: Syndicate The Boho Kitchen on LJ

 I don't know why it hadn't crossed my mind to get The Boho Kitchen syndicated on LJ yet. 


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