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Firstly, welcome new friends. I have an intro post that breaks down everything about me pretty well HERE.


Plus, I just keep looking at the website thinking man, something about it I don't like that much. I used to really be into web design but I guess I just don't have the time/energy to fiddle with it right now. It'll do.
I'm so behind on posting there, too.

Things are looking great with The Boho Kitchen. I registered for tax yesterday and the lady who came out was actually incredibly friendly and helpful, to my delight. Usually those folks are so grumpy. I was half worried I'd be in trouble for not registering sooner, but she was like 'nah no biggie'. 

My gazebo and tables are on the way. It's not a super duper expensive gazebo, but it has removable sidewalls and good amazon reviews. I was NOT going to pay over 200 euro for a market stall. I have leg weights which I will fill with sand or water, so I don't think I need to worry about it blowing away. Next, I have to swollow down the public liability insurance which I'm sure I can make back quickly. It's 200 euro, but for the whole year. Necessary evil. My aim, is to get into one of the markets regularly, so every week I can aim to make a minimum 100 euro. That's a decent little side income! For doing what I already love doing, baking. It means I can try new things and I don't have to sit at home forced to eat them all. 
I'm waiting to hear back from Ardkeen Market in town, I might have a place for May 9th. It makes me so excited I could pee myself. See, markets here are kind of crowded and a lot of them have waiting lists. Ardkeen is a great location for my goods. They'd be appreciated. Plus, once you are settled in a market you can usually hold on to your spot. Fingers crossed, anyhow. There is a food festival coming up in Dunmore East, which I have an application form on the way for. It's 50 to enter in, but zomgfootfall.

Jane is at Sue's today, and I really needed a day. I have a lot to do with the business and other little things that involve me doing paperwork or sitting at the computer and that has become nearly impossible to achieve these days. I have Harper passed out across my lap at the moment. It's windy with off and on showers today so at least I'm not tempted to go outside and garden instead today. You'd be surprised how quickly 5pm comes when you only get one day a week without your toddler running you crazy. I've been reading through Playful Parenting, which I read through too early the first time. Now I get inspiration and ideas for handing play. I'm not a preschool teacher for a reason, I just hate that sort of toddler play... so I gotta make it a bit fun for me, too. She's cranky lately, I mean, is 3 a bit like 13 or something?Angsty as hell. She needs more go-crazy-run-around energy release time, I think. Thank god its summer, soon. Let's hope its a decent one. 

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