Candi (thebohomama) wrote,

Blog update

Updated blog:

What do you think? I wanted to change to the three columns and I think it works better. I changed the header to go along with some of the materials I have. Should the "occasion cake and bakery" part stay to the side or be centered? I have both but my eyes are numb I can't decide which looks better now. Opinions dear friends!

The sun is out, so I'm hesitant to complain-- but damn its cold. I want to go out there, but yet...

Might go back into town in a while. To Angelica's and I also need light compost for my flowers.
I have so many weeds in the front little garden...

Happy Mother's day from yesterday US mamas-- hope you were treated right :)

Meeting Shona from Smoking Lily Boutique in town tomorrow-- a friend of ours is opening a vintage leaning consignment shop so if you are nearby and interested I'll pass you on the info-- you can look her up on facebook, too. The children's one I use now is brilliant as well--

Chicken soup day.

(lol I do look at it and every time I think thebahamamama...)
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