Candi (thebohomama) wrote,

Run run run

I just never update anymore, what a failure I am. My poor dusty LJ.

Mini Marathon is on Monday and I'll likely do my last run before it tomorrow morning. I'm going to try to get out of the house tomorrow. My friend Shona her vintage consignment shop opening tomorrow in Kilkenny, I'd really like to get out to see it. I do need to get a dress for Cormac's cousin's wedding. I could alternatively go into town tomorrow. I'll see what I feel up to. Lot's of driving at the weekend.

I also have my driving test next Wednesday. Balls. Anyone take the Irish driving license test? I do drive alone, like most Learner drivers, but I know they ask you a bunch of ridiculous stuff. There is a good website I saw the other day.

We'll be getting our kitchen finished up in two weeks time. The guy seems really solid and he's building most of the cabinets himself. We're even going to get an enclosure for the fridge, fancy! We already bought two new ovens to be installed as well. Two ovens. I won't know what to do with myself! Here's to hoping its all finished before the Dunmore East Food Festival so I can get full use of the new kitchen for it. I get kind of giddy thinking about it, its like Christmas.

Been having a pretty okay week now that I'm wound down from the panic episode. That really threw me. I'm trying to slow down a bit. I'm always thinking of this that and the other thing I have on my plate. I don't feel like I'm overextended but I do let my mind get ahead of itself. One thing at a time, one day at a time.

I cut bangs and now I am regretful. Now I just want to chop my hair off really short again. No wonder I never get my hand longer than my shoulders.

Fail update is fail.
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