Candi (thebohomama) wrote,

An update! I'm alive!

Pictures of the new kitchen, finished today! I'm so happy. The bar area is huge, there is so much workspace. I'm just sitting here at the table looking at the kitchen, happily. Funny when you do things like this you don't remember for a second the way it used to be. Sadly I'm out of room already. It's mad the room you lose when you take out those ikea units! I'm happy the way things are rearranged though, things are not as crowded as they once were.

It's been hot here in Ireland. Surprisingly. We're getting a real summer. I've managed to catch the 4 worst Irish summer on record, I do believe, and this one is making up for it. I'm sitting here and sweating after my shower.

I don't update like I should but its just busy busy busy. We just came home from being down in Cobh and at Cormac's cousin Shay's wedding in West Cork. It was nice but the drive back to Cobh (an hour) at midnight on West Cork roads was brutal. Ignoring the fact I'm generally in bed no later than 11pm these days.

I have the Dunmore East Food Festival on Sunday, which is going to end up being my first day in the stall. It's been jammed this month so I haven't been able to call around to other markets. I also have 3 cakes and 2 dozen cookies to do on top of all that stuff. Am I happy my kitchen is done in time for all this? Oh yes.

OH yeah, I ran the Mini Marathon in Dublin with schmoomom! It was brilliant. Other than it raining all day long. Such a feeling of accomplishment! Even with a back spasm E was able to finish it, I was so proud of her! Next time I hope they do something with the toilets though, I waited 20 minutes for a pee, and that was after running from the previous toilet 2km back because of the long lines. I have a shiny medal now. I'm going to do the Munster 10k here in Waterford in October. I need to get back on my running schedule. I've been lazy since the mini.

I'm supposed to have all the expats here for July 4th. That should be a nice way to relax after the craziness of this week. I haven't seen or spoken to ionracas in ages, I hope you can make it down Jess! Its on a Sunday. Lots of the expats are away in the states. Bastards.

I'll be over at Thanksgiving. At least I'll be able to hit those black Friday sales.

Oh, yes, I've started taking Cymbalta. We will see how it does. I tried out Prozac and had undesirable side effects. HOWEVER. I've been like a different person. I was anxious to go ahead, but the difference has been unreal. It's as though I get to the point of usual explosion (and being ridiculous, angry, spiraling into depression) but then, I just, don't. I almost expect to, and then I don't. Cormac has really noticed the difference, too. I like feeling like a normal person. Thanks for all your personal experiences you shared with me when I brought it up earlier.

We're going to try to go camping sometime soon while the weather is nice. Any suggestions? In Ireland, that is. Thinking of West Cork. It IS beautiful out there.

Harper is adorable and enormous. There's no way she can crawl with all that thigh chub. Thubby chighs. She's so cute. Jane is just unbelievable. At the wedding she was dancing on the dance floor all alone. She's a ring leader, I swear, even when the kids are preteens.
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