Candi (thebohomama) wrote,

I don't mean to ignore you LJ.

I love you. I always have. I just don't get the time to write thoughtful entries anymore and facebook is an easy way to quickly update people so they can see I'm still alive out here.

It's been a mental month. I won't even bother looking the last time I updated because I know it was a ridiculously long time ago. I promise that I will make more effort to update. I'll be honest, its because my computer died, and then I was borrowing Catherine's spare laptop which was painfully slow. Now I have my brand spanking new super deal computer from ebay and I'm flying on 3gb of ram and 2.1 ghz dual processor so, woot.

In case you don't remember, I was doing the Dunmore East Food, Fish and Fun Festival. It went great!

I made a crap load of money. It was ridiculous. I felt so successful. After having given up on many other ventures, including doing anything with my degree in Anthropology-- to have a number of people call back to the booth to tell me how sinful my sweets were... left me utterly fulfilled. I feel like I'm following through on a dream. I feel like a business owner. I am a business owner. Every cake I deliver makes me feel more confident. I've got several other festivals to get involved in and I'm projecting they'll be just as sucessful. With the kitchen upgrade my work is so much easier. Oh, and kudos has to go out to Nancy, a new expat I've met here in Ireland who is working as an au pair for the Cashel blue cheese family in Tipperary. Second time we met and she helped me all day at the festival for nothing more than a few treats and lunch. She's an absolute doll.

Speaking expats, I had the July 4th meet up here again and we had a decent enough turn out. Clear skies, lots of delicious food, kids running and toddling around and sparklers. And with ionracas's homemade tortilla chips and mexican dip oh my god, who needs anything else. Oh yeah, could have used schmoomom (friend Jess- ionracas, would ya!) around but she's off galavanting around Maine, bitch. Actually, almost half the expats couldn't make it because they were home for the fourth.

What else. My chubs is getting huge! Harper is 8 months. She's adorable. She brings me light in the dark. When things are stressful she gives a little giggle and I'm renewed. She's huge. Over 20lbs. She has the cutest, chubbiest thighs and god help her she wants to crawl but I just don't believe she can move those turkey thighs. They're like those turkey legs you get at medieval festivals, ha!

I love her to bits. I never though you could love another child nearly as much as you love your first, but I'm absolutely enamored.

Jane has become such a little lady. A fairly sporty and obsence one, but a lady anyhow. She's full of so much energy... and whines... 3 is winding up to be a super exciting and challenging experience. I feel like it must be that hurdle from toddlerdom to childhood. She's regularly frustrated and then trying every second to test us. Oh, the patience needed. I love her, though. She's hilarious. She's extremely clever, her ability to speak her mind is unbelievable.

Cormac and I are great, happy days. It's been so busy with cakes and gigs and this that or the other plus the kids we could use some time to reconnect, but, it'll come in time. I've got a busy week next week (first wedding cake!).

My time is out, Harper is awake here. I promise it won't be this long again. I read my friends updates all the time I just don't comment (I'm looking at you marlatiara!). I want to make more of an effort to share my feelings, the way I used to blog. You know, in an interesting and somewhat artful way.

Til next time.
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