Candi (thebohomama) wrote,

I update to complain about things

I'm so frustrated. The Sky guy came out and hooked up our new Sky + box and the damn thing starting messing up and I had to monkey around with it for a while to get it to work again. Jane of course has to choose this time to get into anything and everything that would annoy me. She's too cute today though, I can't stay angry with her (btw, Cymbalta is not working. I go back on Tuesday to complain).

Plus the guy finishing the storage under our stairs and putting in shelves in the new cabinets (he also did the whole kitchen, a great job) keeps putting us off so I have just junk and crap laying around in my hallway and kitchen that I want to get organised but can't. *headwall*

I need to put sheets on beds. Jane keeps wetting the bed. Ugh. I give up, back to pull ups at night. She's either not waking up or we don't get to her in time. Twice we took her last night and she still wet the bed. Oh well.

Cormac and I got a chance to go out after I dropped off the cakes to the hotel in Cork. Our car, however, thought it would be a great time to have the radiator leak, so we barely made it down as it was. We left Jane and Harper with his parents for a quick dinner out. Atmosphere and staff were amazing but the food was seriously meh. We're too picky about our food, I think. It was nice to get out and feel human, though.

Harper's awake.
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