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God I never update. I'm always too busy to spend time typing up whats going on.

Things are doing pretty well. We went for a walk up the mountain today and it was gorgeous. Long walk, picnic at the top. It was warm but not as humid as its been of late.

I started to get involved with a market in town that is focusing on giving local small scale producers and artists a chance to sell their stuff, and I had a stall on Saturday. Its definitely limited footfall at the moment but thats fine with me. I'm switching off weekends with a friend so it won't overwhelm me. I tend to have at least one cake order a week and then its not unusual for one or two other things to come up during the week so, I'm happy. I met a lot of really nice people with the market as well, so I'm glad I'm getting involved with them.

I also started looking around for something else to be involved in for fitness, well being, whatever. I know that the doc wanted me to take some sort of relaxation or yoga but I ended up finding a Bikram class and I was really excited to try it out. It was perfect. As a side note I also was able to stand on my head for the first time in my life. I can't get over how sore I am. I definitely think the yoga can tone. I need to get cycling or biking again, but its just having the time and energy to get started up again. I thought about joining a gym or swim lesson but I'm holding off for now.

I'm torn with Jane what to do after summer. She can go back to Sue's and I would love for her to stay with Sue a bit longer because I think its a great atmosphere and she loves it there. However, its a bit of a drive. There was an alternative, a change to put her in a Montessori opening up in Kilmeaden which is a bit closer but... I think I'll wait until next year. I just think she should have another year of time to just run around and be a kid and play. I'm still unsure. If she goes to Sue, it'll probably be either two full days (8-5pm) or I might work out something so she goes like, 8am until 2pm, for three days a week. Ah.

Anywho. I'm so boring. I'm making a pennant banner for my stall even though I won't be using it until next month. I can hang it at SOMA (thats the small market) I suppose. I'm indoors with a table at the IVERK show, which is a big agricultural thing I'm doing the end of the month. Anyways, pennant. Any time I google a craft item I end up seeing a billion other projects I'd love to have time to do.

We went to ikea. It's great. They have a free playroom to drop off kids! It's unbelievable. Anyways, we were still slightly rushed (our first trip was a bit rushed, too) but I know I wanted to just look around the gadgets and get a rug for the living room. We got a really neat one and its super soft. I se

Jane's doing great-- she's started sleeping pretty much all night in her bed, she wakes up once or twice but isn't climbing into our bed. She sleeps through until around 7am and then comes in to wake us. Harper is still a little chubbykins but she can move around no problem. Not crawling, not scooting... I don't know how she does it but she maneuvers around.

We're having dinner with friends tomorrow and on Saturday the Americans are having a mexican themed meet up, yum! Can't wait.

I'm resisting cutting my hair. It's getting long woohoo...

I have started to meal plan. We've got to. We run out of food, we forget to take something out to defrost... its ridiculous. Things are too hectic to not have the food planned. I'm kind of excited about it. Slow cooker for baking days!

I'm out of interesting things to update.

My mood has been, okay. I'm not sure of this dosage. I'm only at two weeks, though. I'll play it out.
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