Candi (thebohomama) wrote,

Woke up this morning... bought yourself a gun

I'm determined to update on a regular basis. I feel like I'm losing touch with people I really enjoy knowing via the internet because I don't update anymore. I've seen people move away and abandon LJ completely and that always upsets me. So. I must update. I always read my friends list, even if I don't comment. It's mostly that I have to fight tooth and nail to type. Even as I do this Jane is sitting on my lap asking who the person in my LJ icon is which is pretty distracting.

I'm taking it easy. I've been turning down some things lately as advice from Angelica not to be doing too much. I do have a lot going on. However, it just seems things have come into place to keep me from things I like. I missed the last American expat meet up (Mexican themed! :( ) because our tire got a weird nub in it and driving two hours on it didn't seem like a good idea. It worked out, since Cormac's sister Oona was coming by and we had a nice time catching up with her.


I wrote that over a week ago and didn't get to finish it.

Harper is trying to crawl. She does a little, but then wiggles and scoots somehow to get where she wants to go. She'll be 10 months the end of the month.

Jane is going back to creche and maybe playschool next week. Still undecided what we are doing.

I had two markets this weekend and neither were all that great. Lark in the Park was going on for Waterford Youth Arts to raise money but they didn't advertise that food stalls would be there so people walked in off the street with Subway or prepacked ice creams and stuff so I didn't sell loads, although I made a lot of great contacts.

There is a huge agricultural show this weekend called IVERK that I'll have my stall set up at. It will be massive, with at least 20,000 visitors. SO. I'm entering some of the contests too: the great cherry cake contest, the best plate of scones, the best six queen cakes (cupcakes for you non-Irish), and the best sponge cake (which is just, like, any ol' vanilla cake really). Fingers crossed! Regularly cake and cupcake orders coming in all the time, I have a cake and two dozen cupcakes to make on top of that this weekend.

I was a bit frustrated this weekend as I had a cupcake order for delivery but the people were never home. A friend bought them for their birthdays from abroad. I got paid, I just feel bad about it. The girl must, too, since she hasn't gotten back to me.

We're having trouble adjusting in the household to both myself and Cormac haven't things we need to do for work. It's disheartening sometimes and often I feel like "oh bollocks to this I'll just stop baking and make this easier on everyone". Then I remember, I get paid. It's not like some hobby I waste my free time on. It's my job and I make a lot more in less out of house time than I would in a part time job. So I stop feeling guilty.

We're on season 3 of The Sopranos. Apparently Breaking Bad is next on our list because its supposed to be amazing.

My dad is sick. He needs an operation that one doctor says without he will become paralyzed, and NOW he has low blood pressure and blood sugar and they don't know why (and because of this, of course, they can't operate even if he wasn't procrastinating by seeking a second opinion). I hate not being there to give him support. I have to prod as well because I never know if I'm going to be kept in the loop as to what's happening with his health. My biggest fear is losing him and having not have seen him in a while, and if something were to happen to him before he's even seen Harper... I'd be devastated. My dad is 70 this year, so no spring chicken necessarily. Mom just keeps busy, I don't think she even thinks about it much, quite honestly.

There is an expat meet up on Sunday that I probably won't get to, one of our expat expats (she went back home to America) is coming to visit. I might see her at Iverk. It just means I'd have to drive up to Carlow. I'm hoping now that one of the girls doesn't think its because of her... we had some LJ drama a while back and I was trying to sort it out in case I was able to go... but its going to be busy. Monday I'm taking Harper to a place called Mini Musos... its a bit like Kindermusik but cheaper anyways. Jane will go the following week for her age group but she is welcome to come along on Monday anyways. There's also a meeting for organizing a breastfeeding exhibition in Waterford I would like to try to get to... there is a gap between what their group does and any involvement from La Leche League and I'd like to try and bridge that gap somewhere so there isn't this us vs. them feeling. I'm just busy as hell.

I just feel stressed lately. Cymbalta might as well be a vitamin. I feel some improvement, sometimes, but overall I'm not happy with the results and with the price of these pills I can't afford to pay for such a small improvement. I suppose we will move on to the Lustral (which is Zoloft).

bah better post this!
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