Candi (thebohomama) wrote,

Harvest time

Take a picture of yourself right now no make up yadda yadda okay:

So busy. It's insane. I really need to email Ramona and Crystal before they stop caring about me.

I'm just barely grabbing a few minutes to type up something. I made an absolute killing at the Waterford Harvest Festival. If I made that kind of profit every time I set up I'd be happy. It was roasting all day! Well, until the clouds came blowing in but otherwise it was incredible. You could convince me I've been living somewhere other than Ireland this summer. Nancy came to help me, saint she is, and the day flew by. We met a couple of Americans, too, one works at the Educate Together school I'll be sending Jane to.
Around 5pm it poured rain for 15 minutes or so and then once it cleared up a kid ran over to me from the Imaginosity tent. He asked "how much are the muffins?" and then a bucket of water fell off my gazebo right on his head. I'm not kidding you, this was the stuff that comes out of candid camera. So I immediately handed it to him and said "free?". Omg this kid didn't even crack a smile. I felt horrible. But, it was, right on his head. Only on his head! A cute little kid that was standing next to him smiled and said "I got a little bit on me too here" cheeky... he got his free, too.

Poor Harper is bringing in more teeth and she always gets sickly when she does. So its runny nose and coughs now and again although you wouldn't know she is sick the way she is scurrying around. She is crawling well and trying to stand up against things. So.cute.

I've switched to Zoloft so we will see if this does much for me. I had a mini meltdown the other day before I started baking when I stumbled across another baker's website who operate in Waterford. I have to keep reminding myself that I make really delicious stuff and I started from absolutely nothing to get where I am now.

On a brighter note, I'm supplying the local shop now! They sold two dozen cupcakes by 2pm Saturday so I gave them another two dozen and some other bits yesterday. I need to ring to see how it went. I missed the annual Portlaw Fair in the Square unfortunately. I would have loved to have a bit of a presence there with cupcakes for the kids or whatever but I had to go where the money was! I love being part of the market/food producer ring, you meet such lovely people. I've had some inquiries about supplying a couple of cafes so I'm looking forward to seeing how that pans out.

This week its Jilkenny tomorrow, maybe a trip to Nancy's farm Weds, baking Thursday, Cork Friday to drop off cake, little festival in Listerlin Saturday, and maybe Ikea Sunday. Busy!
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