Candi (thebohomama) wrote,

Princess and the Pauper

I am totally grabbing time to update LJ while I have on some Barbie princess movie I recorded on Sky+ (Jane loves princesses at the moment so when I saw it I pressed record, besides this, she only really watches Scooby Doo or Timothy Goes to School which I record, or a DVD at movie time...). I don't really feel bad about Jane, but Harper is in there watching it too. Oh wells, poor second child. As a side note, unless you are Pixar, you should be banned from computer animation. Just saying.

Generally we wouldn't be having TV right now but we have a stomach virus in the house. OH yes. Fun times. I've returned to update after leaving you weeks without info to tell you we are puking and pooping all over the place. Well, Jane, anyways. I woke up to Harper having a very watery gift for me to clean up. Poor Jane has had a number of what she likes to refer to as "fartpoops". I think she is ever so nauseous because she's thrown up a couple times but only kind of a retching/reactionary kind. She feel asleep this morning just laying on the couch. I always know she feels crappy when she does that. Cormac and I feel a little bit out of sorts, my tummy is a bit funny.

SO, that's the fun world I'm coming from this morning. Was supposed to go in and do the shopping and meet a friend for coffee while Jane was in school, but we'll make do with what we have in the house (shouldn't be hard since Jane isn't eating right now anyways).

I was going to start supplying the Waterford Crystal cafe with sugar cookies today but given the sickness around the house I decided to wait until the end of the week. Better they be fresh at the weekend anyhow. I have the Cashel Arts Festival on Saturday as well. No cakes this week. I have some cakes for next week. It's been slow-ish. The ex-SOMA market is restarting and will be right behind city square from Thursdays-Sundays, so I have to think about how much of that I want to take on.

Everyone is pretty worried about the budget. Ireland is in the crapper at the moment and we'll likely get hit with property tax and water charges, that's not to think about losing more child benefit too. Ugh. We both have money coming in, so we'll shut up and be thankful.

I'm going home with the girls in 4 weeks. I'm really looking forward to it. I haven't seen my dad in a year and half! He's never seen Harper. Mom was over at Christmas so it'll have been a year since I've seen her, too. It's been hard. Missing my friends, too, of course. We'll have the early part of December with them and then we'll be home in time to have the last two weeks of December together with Cormac and Christmas at the Kavanagh's which is really wonderful. I feel pretty lucky to have a second family who are so fab.

I feel like I've been really busy lately. I can barely get clothes put away. I feel like its slowing down for the holidays so I can catch up with friends.

Ahh Harper calls, I must go. More later.
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