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Jane won't eat at all, not even nice things she'd normally die a death to get from me so, tummy is officially not so good. I'm feeling equally not so good, so after a small trip to the shop we're back in the living room. Harper is marching moo cows around on the carper (so cute) and Jane is camped on the couch. Poor thing. She isn't sure how to handle it because she's only been sick maybe twice before this. And both of those times was while/after traveling.

I meant to post about Harper. If any child has ever suffered second child syndrome more, its her. Poor thing. She's a good sport, always happy and smiling, she's crawling like a bear on feet and hands and cruising around the furniture. She's clever, full of talk, bit cheeky... I love her. A super easy child. Which is what we need while Jane is having a tough time getting through her 3's. Jane is a very smart girl but she is me through and through. She gets impatient and angry if she can't do something/figure something out, gets easily stressed if she can't communicate her needs, etc... I'm trying to stay patient as I know we are having major attention issues having to share mommy and daddy with Harper (who is now a super mobile and individual entity as opposed to a cute little doll that opens and closes its eyes). She LOVES Harper, so at least she isn't putting any of her annoyance on her. It comes out in the form of attention seeking behavior towards us. It's not too bad, but I don't like it. I tolerated it much better before she was capable of speaking. Now I really put on the mean mommy face and tell her if she can't use her words to tell me/ask me/be nicer about it I won't be able to help. I'm trying to re-read How to Talk so Kids Will Listen and How to Listen so Kids Will Talk. Now, if only Cormac would read it.

I've doing okay. The Lustral/Zoloft seems to have really helped. It's not like Prozac (where I felt super great, but had lots of agitation/anxiety), but puts me where I assume normal people are. I wish it made me feel on top of the world like the Prozac, but, at least it means I don't lose my cool in 5 seconds and I never go that extra step of really losing it and then spiraling into depression. It's great. Of course, times like this you feel like you are normal and don't need meds-- preventative meds are always the hardest to stick to. This I'm good with, my asthma steroids on the other hand...

I'm boring these days. I suppose if I actually updated regularly I'd have something better to say than being busy trying to play catch up. I'm working on it. I miss my LJ community of friends but at least having so little time means I don't get involved in LJ drama anymore (and I feel less like arguing these days anyways, I've accepted the stupid are stupid and I'm not likely to change their minds and the smart ones will figure it out eventually).

Pictures will come soon, I swear. Harper turned one on Halloween, of course! Along with her cousin Adam. Jane was a princess witch (her title not mine) and Harper had a little pumpkin princess dress. So cute. 1 year already. Crazy. Time for the snip snip so I can be done. Ha!
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