Candi (thebohomama) wrote,

Pain in the head

I've had a horrible headache the last couple days. It's the back of my head, and my neck especially. Now, it feels good to rub my neck and I don't have a fever but its starting to concern me a bit. Either way I at best need an adjustment or at worst have a brain tumor or aneurysm and will be dying at any minute. Neat. I'm not having visual disturbances or unnatural imbalance (naturally I'm rather clumsy anyways) or numbness so I'm guessing thats a good sign. I'm going to try to get into the doctor tomorrow.

Had the Cashel Arts Festival yesterday and that went okay. It was a fairly small event, which I had expected. I'm eager to get started organizing myself for the new business I'm starting together with my friend Niamh from The Loving Spoonful for catered tea parties. We're going to aim for spring time next year. Had my trusty au pairs Nancy and Katie helping me out throughout the day and we all grabbed some food after the event.

It's freezing here! Gah. Fun day inside. Time to bust out the crayons.
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