Candi (thebohomama) wrote,

I'm alive.

I feel guilty for not updating.

I read your posts guys.

It's been so hectic and although I can surf the net for ages without being hassled the second my fingers hit the keys to type I'm needed. I think its because I can split my attention when I'm just surfing but they know I need to focus when I'm typing. I mean to sit down and get everything out at night, but then Cormac comes home, and we do our thing. No excuse.

I've been business planning, getting into lots of markets and pushing the cakes. I get pushed back now and again. I recently had a lady who is another American expat to whom I OFFERED HELP rip off my price list from my website, word for word (she copy pasted quite obviously and then changed a tiny detail here and there). She is also doing the market in Clonmel that I do now. It just really, makes me angry. If she had asked, I would have gladly offered it for a short time until she could get her own in place. But she's barely spoken two words to me each time we've met. I just feel like with two kids and all the work and time I've put into the business its my price list damnit, and I put in the time-- you should too. I have a hard enough time when other business in the same line of product/service start up in my area!
I'm not intimidated, just annoyed. Anyways, lifes too short to not be cool about things. I've put in an ad in the paper (just the services section) for wedding and occasion cakes so we will see if I get any business from that. I need to contact the list of florists and wedding planners that I made that Jim had me get together for networking. I've had a lot of enquiries anyways for summer wedding cakes and I'm hoping most of them confirm.

I deleted a lot of parenting communities, like babywearing/clothdiapering etc. We're moving on past that at this point (Harper is 16 months!) and it takes up so much of my friends list. Hip domestics is gone too. There used to be an option at the top to view just journals, or view just communities, but thats gone. It was so handy! WTF.

I'm wedding planning, too. It's a little stressful when you are DIYing a lot of stuff and want to save money. I have burlap for the tables and really beautiful linen to make either table runners, or table placemats. Haven't decided. Dress should be coming soon, made a back up dress that's also nice. Making crepe paper flowers. Getting friends to help. Trying to get out of an offer from Cormac's mom to pay for a caterer... where we are getting married means some crap roast dinner being made off site and heated up on site, and for the meal and plates (just two meats and some veg) is €900! for 50 people and 18 kids. That's more than the cost of the total hire of cool vintage china and chairs from, cutlery and crockery bought from ikea, glass rental from Tesco, and table hire. She's amazing and only wants to take pressure off of us, and prob thinks we are crazy. We just want to have some cold sliced roasted ham, potato and pasta salads, salad bar and soup tureen, rolls, and vat of chicken curry and vat of rice, and naans. That'll fill people up, will be super cheap and relaxed. Everything can be made ahead of time and still taste delicious. I'm happy to put in the work. I get this impression its wrong to ask people to pitch in, but I like the community spirit of being together? Am I wrong? Anywho. I hope she is cool about us turning it down. Cormac really wants to make our own food. I know he'll be off mood if we don't get to.

Looks like my mom AND dad will make it. He's ventured into the closet and tried on a suit (and has one that fits). That is a good indication he is wrapping his head around making the flight...

Cormac and I have reservations for Emiliano's in Waterford for an early bird on Thursday, Cormac's mum is coming up to watch the kids. Yay! We just got back from Dublin where I had a market on in the Dublin Food Co-op called the Ferocious Mingle. It was great. Vintage/handmade stalls, entertainment, etc. We were next to a lady who made the best falafels (baked!). I did well, and then was told how slow it was. Totally worth it seeing as I got to crash with schmoomom who I have been going through withdrawal without seeing! So I will go again next month (its once a month) and enjoy the changing up. Sticking with the market indoors in Waterford on Saturdays and indoor in Clonmel on Sundays. I'm not doing any markets on March 5th-6th as that's the LLL conference. Loads of cakes. It's all good. Cormac isn't gigging as much these days, precious recession, so its good to have the work.

Til next time, soon, I hope!
Keep updating guys! Don't die LJ.
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