Candi (thebohomama) wrote,

I'm not making false promises

I really have to try to make more time to update. Ah well, I'm busy and such. Usually too tired.

Why is the intro song to Arthur like, some reggae mix up? Meh.

Got some horrible news from a good friends yesterday and my heart is aching for her and her family big time.

On another note, I finally got a car! I did okay with the stall during the Tall Ships Race in Waterford (a 3 day event where people come to look at big sailing ships that pull into the city on the river. A little red 1998 micra in ridiculously amazing condition.
Lolita is her name!

I need to call Crystal and try calling Jimmy again. I'd call Ramona if I thought she'd even answer.

I've slowly gained an unwanted 10 lbs and I'm not sure if its due to meds or not running as much but sure, I'll shake that soon enough.

My little baby is going to be 4 in just over a week. FOUR! Jesus, four years ago I was having Jane. Now she is an incredible little girl full of beans with an amazing imagination, unbelievable vocabulary and a great sense of humour.

Getting really fed up with the Irish summer and if it doesn't make a turn for warmer weather next week I'm going to lose my mind (and so are the kids). We just can't afford to go to Florida this year (not yet anyways) and I'd kill even for a short sun holiday. We'll be going to York in September for Cormac's sister's wedding so maybe it will be lovely and warm there!

I'm getting stressed about money, following the Tall Ships (I thought I'd make more money there) and getting the much needed car I'm broke. I have plenty of things that need to be paid ugh. I've a market this weekend and a two bigger ones the end of the month, but that's just money I owe Cormac from Tall Ships. Gotta get into the Enterprise board this week and see if I can get some funding.

So, that's all. If I updated more often I'd have emotional things to share from day to day but I seem to suck at that for the moment.
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