Candi (thebohomama) wrote,


I don't know what to tell Jane when she says she hates sleeping. One day I know I'll be trying to drag her ass out of bed and she won't want to get up. Cruel world, why? Surely our species should have evolved by now to now drive parents to the brink of nearly murdering our young.

I chopped my hair off. I couldn't take it being even medium length anymore. I'm not sure I like it, because I think I want to go a bit shorter with it, but, I'll wait a little while.

It may just be sunny today. Nancy said she'd mind the girls tonight so we are going to go out to dinner this evening, so I'm looking forward to a reason to dress up all purty.

I'm waiting to hear back on my business name registration so I can go and open a business account, as I have oh... nearly €400 worth in cheques to lodge! We need to do the floors in the dining and kitchen as well as the living room. Wood laminate. We've been battling these carpet moths in the living room for months now and if we don't do something about it we are going to go insane.

Breaking Bad season 3 is fantastic.

I promise to do a better update soon, I'm easing back in.
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