Candi (thebohomama) wrote,

Jehovah Witnesses, yes, this sparks my limited updating frenzy.


Just had my first visit from the Jehovah's! Oh my god. I was so unprepared. They should leave notes like, we are coming at such and such a time, brush up on your anti-bible knowledge. I've actually stopped like, arguing with Christians on the internet, so... I was digging quick for my responses.

I had to stop the dude as he started his speech as he was going on about how we see the horrible things in the world like there is some evil force pushing it all... uggh. He pulled lots of crazy shit out of the bag. Claimed the bible is the oldest text in the world (even tried to tell me it was 6,000 years old), that it all made perfect sense, that religion has blurred it all. Pulled the ol' do you know who made this *front door*, have you seen him, blah blah this some how proves god exists.

I told him this was an atheist house that believed in science. He told me evolution isn't real, its just a theory... I told him gravity is a theory and he retorted that no its a fact... I had to teach him about scientific definitions... it was kind of at that point I was like duuuude stop talking give me the freaking watchtower and go away. In the end I got away with not having to take it! Ha.

I take offense to having these people come door to door with such HORRIBLE misinformation and outright LIES to prove that they are right that less educated people are going to quite possibly buy into. Grr.

He tried also to pull this whole like, hope for living through the modern times stuff. What the hell? Who are these people who live in this la la la world that the times we live in are the worse of times? For fucksake.
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