Candi (thebohomama) wrote,

Hi Livejournal

Add in my typical whine/blahblah about how I mean to update more.

I'm just lazy. Also, I feel more and more like this is less private than before. When I was younger, I would spill every tear of my heart here. Now I don't share them anymore. I'm feeling a bit detached and lost, floating around in my life even though good things are happening. My business is taking off. I've managed to find not just a kitchen, but a fully fitted cafe. It's in an industrial estate, around the corner from the Educate Together school. I see great potential (for making money and of course, making me feel more fulfilled).

Girls are good. I should take more pictures, post more pictures.

Holidays are here already and I don't feel in to them this year. Which is unlike me. I've not planned a thanksgiving dinner, I've not started looking for Christmas presents. It's still very mild (not to say the weather is nice, more to say the weather is indecisive as always in Ireland). This time last year we had snow. Time will tell.

I'm still reading all of your journals, don't fear. I need to comment more.
Although, I see that a lot of you are going the way I am and posting less and less. I won't pretend that facebook doesn't have a little bit to do with that for me.

I'm so busy, in life and in my head that I'm just low on time to sort through my thoughts. I feel like I do update here but all I'm doing is a quick recap and waffling. I'm a bit unhappy, I'm dealing with some assorted things... some realizations. fuck it.
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