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Milk, Toast and Honey

April 19, 2010 • 7:51 pm
Wake Up: Farmer's Markets

 YES I might be able to get into Ardkeen Market on May 9th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I need to get a table and a gazebo now.

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April 19, 2010 • 4:30 pm
Wake Up: Bohorric! Just kidding.

I suppose its old news now about the volcanic eruption in Iceland. I'm not going to go lookup how to spell it, I know for certain I can't say it, so, its 'that volcano' for now. Few friends are suck abroad or have family members who can't get home. Big bummer. Also just realized that we won't be getting in very much new fruit and veg and unfortunately there are no warehouses full of rotting fruit abroad. We forget just how much we depend on air travel! It's overcast today, no sunshine peeking though. Is that because of the volcano? I don't know. I bet I could get all sorts of cool info about this from E. 

I just baked the.most.delicious banana muffins. Pictures and recipe later on the blog. There are the unhealthy kind. Last thing I made was granola bars and if I make only healthy stuff Cormac will cry. Jane's sick of them now so I have to change things up for a little while. The granola bars I wasn't really happy with. Anyone have a tried and true recipe? Its on that list of the very few things I try and try over and over and can't get right. 

Right now "bohemiancrunch" is in the lead. I kind of wish I hadn't suggested that it was my username on blogspot because I'm worried that is skewing results. I like it, obviously, I made it up... but I'm unsure. This is like, such a bigger deal to me than it should be. But I'm not one of these people who go through 61575457 different screen name and then have a load of different ones for different websites, either. I'll let the poll go for a while longer.

Jane and I have been doing really well. We played loads today, I'm trying to relax and let a lot of things go. I have a good book about that, its a philosophy book called "Fuck it". I'm also reading through Playful Parenting again and its making me feel a bit more confident in my parenting. I do a lot of great things with Jane and she has a good and healthy attachment. Also, any time we have a disconnection or fight or I lose it, I always calm down and apologize and spend the time to reconnect before leaving it go too long. 

I need to order a piping tip set.

Saturday we all went to the railway station for a 'Teddy Bear's Picnic' only to see its was some blankets laid down on the concrete platform beside the train and we said 'F it' and had our own picnic, with 2 bears, 1 raccoon, 1 cow and 2 babydolls on the grass overlooking the Comeraghs over a wall by an old church in Portlaw we like to take visitors to see. It was so peaceful. Jane picked flowers, showed us how fast she can run and led me to a few large rocks where I managed to get stung by nettles. Later she also fell onto some nettles by the steps in the wall, and she handled it much better than I did. I'm a wuss.

On Sunday we headed down to Dungarvan for the Waterford Festival of Foods Farmer's Market. Cormac hates these things. Too many people, you have to hold food in your hands while you walk, and he hates moseying around (unless its tinkering). I love these sort of things. On my own I'd have spent all day there, listening to music and walking to every stall, having coffee and donuts and burgers and testing local food producers samples... but with a baby and a toddler that's hard. We did enjoy ourselves and I handed out 55 flyers. Fliers. Flyers. I hate handing out things like that, I had two rejections and I was totally put off from handing them out after that. Just take the damn thing, be polite! In a way I'm glad not to waste them, on the other hand they didn't even look at them. Oh well.
I tried out a cookie, brownie and cupcake from a local bakery's stall and then a cupcake from a well known confectionery supplier (and occasion cakes)... the bakery was horrific. I mean, how this person makes a living baking things is beyond me. I get the impression its a deli, too, so they probably draw people in with you know, lunch rolls. Cormac is my go to man on this stuff and he is always honest with me. It wasn't just average, it was "I paid money for this and still can't force myself to eat it" stuff. The cupcake from the other company which out of good sportsmanship I won't name tasted okay, a bit dry, but the icing-- while it looked great-- had a very undesirable taste. 
YAY. Now to get into a damn market.

You'd think they'd be dying to get local food producers out there. I was immediately told I was put on the Dungarvan market waiting list. This is fair because I know its full up. Waterford, though, has not gotten back to me and its nearly dead. There is plenty of room to set up. I need to email them today. 
There is one market I know I can set up at, and its kind of a weekly flea market more than a farmer's market. I'd get footfall but its not ideal. It's a good start, though, because i don't need to buy a table, a tent or get insurance. 

Anyhow, we went to the farmer's market and then took Jane to the park to run around for a while. We came home and I ran my final day of the first week of the podrunner 5k training intervals. I went further this time, and it was much easier. 

Tomorrow Jane goes to Sue's for the day and I'm going to stop in at a friend's house for a while and then I'm off to my psychiatric appointment. Fingers crossed they can help me. 

Harper is pretty much sitting up on her own. Awesome. 

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April 19, 2010 • 8:59 am
Wake Up: Poll for new screenname, putting angelfalling to rest

This poll is closed.

New Screenname

something else entirely because these suck

addition: bohosapiens (just comment)
bohemiancrunch is actually my blogspot name.

I loved some of the other names-- bohobo especially, but some of the suggestions were already widely in use by other people.

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April 19, 2010 • 8:24 am
Wake Up: Oo la la, Aldi's "French" coffee

This morning, while making coffee:

Cormac: That's the new French coffee. It's , meh, really strong.... like, cigarettes and attitude.


back to the American style, then.

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April 10, 2010 • 10:40 pm
Wake Up: You know its over but you just can't sleep

Today started out great. It was the first day of my Couch to 5k and it kicked my ass. It's amazing how quickly fitness leaves you. I was a cycling beast a year ago. Bummer. I know its always the hardest in the beginning and I'll do it even though I'll curse it the whole way. schmoomom is going to do it with me. And then we'll do the Flora Mini Marathon. Go us!

So I came back from that in a great mood, hopped in the shower and got everything ready to drop Cormac into town for recording and go to the beach with the girls. I met up with Angelica and her girls at the beach for a good few hours. Jane had a blast playing and playing and playing in the sand. It was still chilly but the sun was out and it was warm enough. It wasn't nearly as busy as I thought it might be, at Woodstown strand. Harper didn't mind it at all, and spent a lot of time snoozing. 

Picked up Cormac at 4pm and cheated by grabbing a few frozen pizzas. Jane, of course, fell asleep 2 minutes down the road when I left the beach so by the time we got home she had nearly an hour nap. Not good. 

Came home so I took Jane up to have a bath while Cormac got pizzas on, to scrub sand out of her hair and crevices. We got into PJs, had some pizza and tomatoes and did some winding down. Took her up to start bedtime at 7pm and brushed teeth, read two books and started reading Narnia, which she typically falls asleep while I read. Not tonight. I read until my voice started to get hoarse. So I laid with her and stroked her hair. For a long long time. She was resisting sleep when I heard Harper was starting up crying downstairs so I tried to stay quiet and get Jane sleeping. Cormac of course pops in with a crying Harper which wakes Jane out of her first few seconds of sleep and leaves me very, very angry. So. To be brief. Cormac tries for 30 minutes while I calm Harper, Cormac goes to a gig, Jane continues on and on and on until 9:30 when I lose it with her completely, then apologize, then sit on the floor of her room and she finally passes out at near 10pm. So much for all that sand, sun and fresh air wiping her out today. I probably should have copped on, calmed down, just brought her down stairs for a while or into my bedroom to play for a little while or something but, I didn't. I should have. Next time, I won't fight so long. Needless to say our good day ended badly. Now I kind of want her to come into the room later tonight, she probably will, so I can cuddle her.

Tomorrow we'll be putzing around the garden painting and planting so Jane can help or play in her new playhouse- which is a total hit, by the way. I'll see if I can make up for being a bad mom. Cupcakes and homemade icecream tomorrow, too, that should help.

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April 9, 2010 • 9:50 am
Wake Up: I don't run. Yet.

 I'm going to sign up for the Flora mini marathon as a walker/jogger and start the 'couch to 5k' thing. 

I can combine it with cycling.


I signed up for the Sean Kelly cycle when I was seriously into cycling and had gotten really fit, and was terribly upset when the date rolled around and I had a horrible chest infection. I'm asthmatic, so, if I'm sick forget it, I'm not able to exercise. 

I am taking a great preventative inhaler at the moment so I'm hoping this might improve my ability to exercise. I always get tight chested while I'm doing cardio so maybe things will be better now. 

I don't even have to run it, really. I wonder who would be up for doing it with me? I'm sure I can rope someone else in. 

I'm sure I'll have Cormac proud of me for trying this out... he's done a couple marathons and a couple half marathons. He's a beast.

We collected a playhouse in Dublin yesterday for Jane. It's sweet. Plastic that looks like a log cabin, elevated from the ground with a ladder and small slide. She loves it. We stopped in Kilkenny on the way home and stayed the night with some friends, Sean and Shona. Had a great time chatting with the two of them and mostly getting to know Shona better. I think we could be good pals given the chance-- she is opening a consignment shop called Smoking Lily Boutique in Kilkenny when she can find a spot.
Jane is kind of on a come-down from the last few days, so she is wanting lots of play time with us and she climbed into bed with us last night. You know what? She slept until 7:30, so I'm not complaining.

Picnicing with Angelica and her girls on Saturday while Cormac does some recording, fingers crossed weather outlook stays bright and warm. I love spring.

Off to B and Q when Cormac wakes up to get some paint, some flowers and seeds to get cracking on the garden, sun is starting to emerge, I'm happy.

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April 2, 2010 • 9:40 pm
Wake Up: Cuppy cakes.

 I'm no pink fan but I made cupcakes with icing for a customer today with the coolest shade of pink. It was for a teenager, so it was the kind of pink you'd typically see with black. They were hip as hell. Also made sugar cookies for Easter, but we eat most of them already, haha. I managed to ice a few of them as gifts. It was supposed to be some time for me to practice with my royal icing but the kids were all up in my business, so, I rushed them. Still neat, though.
I made a Christening cake today as well and it pleases me. It was a tad bit different because she wanted a ladybird theme- a nice break from light pink or light blue, ah. Orders always come in at the same time it seems. 

I'm making white chocolate blondies for Easter to bring to Cormac's family. His sister is doing a wilton cake decorating course so she's going to do a cake, that's fair enough. I feel like I'm not doing my job if I fail to bake something and bring it with me when I see people, so I've got Easter cookies and I'll have blondies. White chocolate, thats kind of spring-like, yeah? 

I plugged in a real keyboard so we can use a shift key. Updating a blog and doing all that shit without a shift key is a pain in the hole, so, I'm a happy girl. 

I'm tired from cakes and icing.

Cormac has been home and its been great. I have done more than just play with Jane the last few days. ionracas  (omg rich text is so much easier, I'm an idiot) came to see me on Wednesday and we had a nice afternoon just hanging out and chatting a bit while Jane and Henry had a blast. She brought me Easter baskets, too! It's a good time of year to know a florist ;) I'm going to have to start planning trips to see the people I adore more often-- that includes to see a certain someone in Dun Laoghaire as well- when the motorway is totally complete it'll be a breeze to shoot up to Dublin. We flew up to Kilkenny the other day to see friends and are going next week as well... its actually a drive I want to take, now that I don't have to take my life in my hands to make it.

We finished watching all of The Wire. What an amazing television series. I'd have to say its the best television series we've ever seen, great form start to finish. Other ones we've watched have always had a season that waned or they ended poorly... like, Six Feet Under, I suppose. I'm downloading the first season of The Sopranos now, time to give it a go. This is what we do, get hooked on an old series and start watching it several episodes at a time. Any one have an opinion on Mad Men? 

Did anyone else do the reviews for store credit thing? I forgot about it- the whole thing ended yesterday, so I went to check if any of the reviews were accepted for credit. I have $190 to spend! Holy crap. There's Christmas. I'll buy a truckload and send it to my parents and bring it home with us at Thanksgiving. Sweet. It's all organic clothes and wooden toys. If we lived in the states I'd buy one of the really nice dollhouses or kitchen playsets but, I'm not checking that through customs, lol.

I have my appointment with the head shrinker on the 20th. The mood swings have been taking me all over the place. I've been taking vitamins regularly and that has seriously helped with my energy since I'm breastfeeding and I don't eat enough, I don't think. I should be exercising, too, and I'd love to get out and cycle soon. Weather is on the upturn so, soon. If I can squeeze it in. Time man. I can't even get on the floor and do crunches, unless I feel like being treated as a jungle gym. Anyways, time to get myself under control since I can't be out doing 45 minutes of cycling every other day to battle it. Stress, lack of sleep... its not a recipe for good mental health when you've got bipolar thrown in. 
Damn I need to call immigration.

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March 27, 2010 • 10:16 pm
Wake Up: Rockabye

Bah. My computer power cord is not making great contact to the computer because its well, breaking apart.

My shift keys don't work either. I lost an auction on a wireless keyboard today and I'm saddened. I'll look again tomorrow.

Fingers crossed Jane sleeps well tonight. We had two hours of agony last night because Cormac was gigging and every time I got up with Jane, Harper was still not completely deep in sleep and I was running between the two and getting angry with Jane and making things worse by being impatient. Got her a nap in the car today, so maybe not being so overtired will help her tonight. 10pm, I'm heading up to bed now just in case.

Going up to Kilkenny tomorrow and will meet up with Sean and Shona we hope, around lunchtime. Should be nice, don't think we are expecting any rain. Going to make some brownies in the morning to bring I think. I want to make some cupcakes and sugar cookies later in the week to practice some icing on. An Italian buttercream on the cupcakes and some royal icing piping on the cookies as easter eggs. I just need to find the time. Fingers crossed Wednesday I'll get to see ionracas. Jesus, thats a lot of on-screen keyboard action to type out the html for those usernames. Does LJ have like, quick code for doing cuts and screen names? They should.

It's so hard giving up baby/child-free time for sleep time. But, I must.

The political crap on my facebook is giving me a migraine. I'm going to take a break from posting anything controversial for a little while.
The green party had their conference on RTE in the middle of Earth hour. -slow clap-

I made the most delicious pot pie tonight. I've figured out the key to starting the filling. Butter, onions, garlic then some brown rice flour -- kudos to E for getting me into thickening with brown rice flour, it works a charm and I can feel healthy about it. God I'm boring.

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March 24, 2010 • 9:19 pm
Wake Up: Fan me-- The Boho Kitchen

-that link works

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March 23, 2010 • 2:45 pm
Wake Up: Special kinds of people out there, all sorts

Wow. Not worth it.

Our friends Coly and Kelly had their baby the other day, can't wait for them to bring her home so we can come say hello and congrats.

Today is Jane's day at creche. I took Harper in for vaccines -shes a trooper- and hit up the GP on my chest problems. I have a new preventative inhaler, some steroids and a new emergency inhaler since I've been using it nearly 3 times a day or more. If that doesn't get me breathing soon, I give up.

After making a post on my facebook about how I don't understand people who are not in favor of health care reform and are dumb enough to try to call what they've done socialism, I had a member of my family, many of whom are republicans, basically prove me right by calling Obama a socialist and 'hopefully a one term dictator'. LOL to infinity. I headdesked for a while after that. I don't mind when people have a legitimate concern about the bill, its certainly not ideal and not what we wanted when they started down this road but its a step, probably the only one they could get away with for the time being. So, good for them.
Plus, just read now that the bill establishes a right to pump at work in every state in the US for one year postpartum and that companies of 50 employees or more will need to provide the time and a place other than the bathroom for moms to do so. Score one.

My shift keys won't work and its driving me batty. I have to use the on-screen keyboard. So, fewer exclamation points.

We're getting our money together and I'm trying to budget out the plans for the kitchen. I imagine come summer we'll have it started or completed and I'm looking forward to that. I've got a lot of things to do at the moment. I need to renew my garda card and try to clear my transcripts from UF. I'm probably going to do some open university, but I'll wait until Cormac and I stop living in sin so I can maybe get some tax credits back on it

I have a youtube video of some guy playing a version of Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring as classical guitar and Harper is enthralled.

I have a bleb or blister that won't go. Ouch.

Gonna enjoy this last two hours before I pick up Jane. She went on a walk today so I imagine she slept on the way home and should be in a good humor. Cormac is done teaching this week for three weeks as instead of spring break they only have a long easter break here. Only gigs and a bit of recording, so having him around will be great. Easter at the Kavanagh's should be fun as all the grandkids will be together for the first time, aww.

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March 21, 2010 • 8:54 am
Wake Up: Pictures from Crystal and Ethan visit

I'll cut to save your pictures. I took so few pictures while they were here, so I'm hoping to snag more of hers when she decides to upload them.

Sunny in IrelandCollapse )

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March 20, 2010 • 9:57 pm
Wake Up: Heart of the Ocean

I'm like, high as a kite because I've taken a hit of epinephrine inhaler. Now, its not ideal, but I'm without my albuterol inhaler. It's disappeared as all things tend to disappear in this house. My chest is getting tight again in the evenings, buh. I give up. Asthma, it sucks.

I'm watching Titanic, its so, 13 years ago. Do you realize that its a 13 year old film? Mental. Anyways, yeah its depressing. However, if you want to talk depressing films, The Magdalene Sisters. I watched that last night and I was bawling my eyes out. Forget church sex abuse of small boys, even though that is also horrific. This sort of things was going on much more widespread-- women with their babies ripped from them while they were told what sinful filth they were, disowned by families and sent to live with abusive nuns washing clothes and cleaning floors. It makes me sick to my stomach. Because of these people hundreds of lives ruined and stolen away. Evil. Church. Ugh. Oh Rose you idiot stay on the damn lifeboat. If she had just stayed on the boat Jack might have made it... by like, surviving on that piece of drifting wood YOU took up. Every time I see it, I think, stay on the damn boat Rose.

I forgot what's happened since I last updated because if I get enough time to pick my nose I spend it doing something else other than updating on LJ. Even as I type this Jane is just waking up and saying 'mommy' on the monitor. Today she decided that worms were the most terrifying thing on the planet and refused to play outside, followed by clinging to me for dear life. Sigh. I thought kids were supposed to love squirmy squiggly things. She's great- she's so clever, funny... but my god this age is challenging. And to think I've got a pretty good one. I think its just because I had so little sleep that today was rough.

Anyways. Crystal and Ethan were here a week ago, and we had a great time with them. I was occupied with the girls and only took a few pictures-- I'm waiting on her to post some of the great ones they took. They had amazing weather the whole time they were here. Cold, but bright and sunny. It was so sunny at the Cliffs of Moher it was hard to see because of GLARE. That's right, normally, that'd be haze or mist but no, glare from the sun. The weather now? Wet. Maybe tomorrow will be decent and at least its starting to get more spring like. We're going into town for the Educate Together Easter market fundraising. Supporting Jane's future school. We got the go ahead as well for the Secondary school, too, so if we are still here- god help us- that far in the future the girls will be set.

I'm going to try to hook up with ionracas for some baskets to do Easter baskets. I'm not into the Easter Bunny thing, but one thing I always have great memories of is the easter basket my mom would do up for me. Stuffed bunny, my favorite sweets... it was brilliant. I want to have that for Jane this year. Maybe for my niece and nephew, too. I tried last year but failed because the baskets I had were tiny.

I've had a load of cakes. And I recently got my first order through my website-- she loved the cake and has ordered more cakes and passed my name on for a wedding cake for a friend. How exciting! I'm going to make some cupcakes next week to do some piping practice. I did my first real piped edge for ionracas's birthday cake and man, it was easy. I thought it was easy, anyhow. I'd like to do some fancy cupcake icing. I'm going to make some sugar cookies for easter, like Easter eggs, and decorate them with royal icing.

Harper's been asleep since 7. That's incredible. She had no real long naps today, though. I imagine she'll wake up soon and stare up at me with a big cheeky grin soon. Please stay asleep Jane.

I have no interest in seeing the end of Titanic. I saw this movie in the theater 7 times. God knows how many times after. It's the only movie I've seen in the theater more than twice. Wait, I may have seen one of the LOTR 3 times. Still. Then I was absolutely obsessed with the Titanic ship and learning all about it. Still, its' nearly 10 and I have a Desperate Housewives to walk on RTE Player. I'm pathetic.

Oh. Yeah. And. Jane's weaned. I'm feeling all sorts of happy and unhappy about that. Mostly because if she had her way she'd still be nursing. I just couldn't deal with the tandem. I refuse to feel bad about it, though, seeing as I nursed her for 2.5 years. If I hadn't had Harper, I would have definitely let her wean herself. But I just found the demand too high. There were some tears but it subsided easily. I was the queen of distraction for a week or two. She's not nursed in three weeks and only asks if she's kind of laying with me and a bit tired/cranky. I don't want to be confusing her... so I was consistent. Not the way I wanted it to be, but, like I said, on what planet can I feel bad about it?

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March 10, 2010 • 11:51 am
Wake Up: Rubbish at staying in touch

I gotta make a quick post because I love you all and I want you to know I don't ignore you on purpose. Man its hard to use the net with two kids. Fussy McFussipants is having a growth spurt and has been sleeping, whining, than nursing and sleeping again. Think there is teething in there, too. Gah. I also can't use exclamation marks or question marks most of the time because my shift is working intermittently.

M- Got the email about your dream, HAHA I love it, plus, Dexter <3
J- Totally would have come to see you, glad I made no plans though because we were late, drove into Cork and it was raining, buh.
E- Will get up to see you soon I promise. We were up to the conference in Maynooth late and had to leave early because of gigs then had a tummy bug, rotten.

Anyone else, I still also love you.

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March 1, 2010 • 8:35 pm
Wake Up: My birthday 'cake'...

This was just so amazing I have to go all share share share here on LJ.

Click it. Go on.

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March 1, 2010 • 5:48 pm
Wake Up: Quarter Century

Yesterday was my birthday. I'm 25.

We had some friend (Coly and Kelly-- who is due in two weeks!) over for dinner; Cormac made roast chicken and roasted veg with mushroom cream sauce and I made white chocolate blondies with homemade vanilla bean ice cream. First time I've even made ice cream and dare I say, nom nom! It wasn't quite set when I served it, but its definitely set now, and its delicious! So easy to make.

The next two weeks is just insane. Today Cormac is working a long day because he took on more lessons on Mondays, plus he has to take the car in. Jane is going to Sue's tomorrow for a full day, we'll see how she does. One day a week sounds good. Wednesday we are going down to Cobh and taking the train into Cork. I'd try to meet up with someone but every time I make plans like that I end up having to call and say we're late or we have to miss it or what not. Anywho, Thursday I need make a Christening cake, Friday I need to work on it and delivery it, Saturday and Sunday we are up in Maynooth for the La Leche League conference, Monday and Tuesday Cormac has teaching and Jane will be at Sue's on Tuesday while I get the house set up and then Crystal and Ethan are here Wednesday afternoon!! YAY! We're going to Clare Thursday, around here on Friday (and I also have to make a birthday cake, but its small and simple), Saturday maybe going to Cork for the day and Sunday morning early they drive up to Dublin to fly back to the US. PHEW.

brb toddler time

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February 23, 2010 • 5:49 pm
Wake Up: I need a font, do you have it?

Can you look and see if you have a font called Melanie? It's Melanie BT. I need it, and I'll be damned if I have to pay $29 for it!

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February 21, 2010 • 9:31 am
Wake Up: Happy happy, happy happy birthday to you, have a happy day today...

My child plays make believe with her fingers. She's either really creative, or really special
Either way, its hilarious.

Cormac's birthday today! I got him a shirt that says "Your Mother was a Hamster" and a 19" flat panel monitor for the studio. I think he's pleased.

Oona (Cormac sister's who left us behind in Waterford to move back to Dublin) and Gary dropped in last night, that was nice. I made an apple cake for Cormac (his request). It's delicious. I'll take a picture and throw the recipe up on the blog later. OH. I also put up delicious brownies. The best brownies. schmoomom took a great shot and I couldn't resist.

Corm's parents are coming up this afternoon, too. Roast chicken for dinner, nom nom.

dude Stacey killed Archie, mental.

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February 16, 2010 • 9:13 pm
Wake Up: Boho Kitchen

So, i don't think we are going to America this year. Well, we are likely going to try to go over (just me and the girls) for Thanksgiving. We are going to use our money to upgrade the kitchen. Knock a wall down, put in an island with another oven, do whatever needs to be done to bring the kitche up to code for running a food production business from the house. I'm hoping there will not be too much we need to do. I spoke with the Enterprise board (a very friendly and helpful lady I'm relieved to say). She had me fired up and thinking about producing on a wider scale and distributing to cafes and shops.
Thanks for all your feedback on my blog. Trying to shine up the rough edges.
schmoomom and her crowd are coming down to see us tomorrow. I think Cormac's mom and dad are coming up on Sunday on his birthday, and then my birthday is a week later. I start making scones this weekend, too.

Crystal and Ethan are coming to visit March 10th, I'm excited.

I made brownies, and they are scrumptious.

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February 15, 2010 • 11:19 pm
Wake Up: New layout

New layout. Thoughts? Anything I should add, change, rearrange?
My business cards have this theme (and they were free, so... continuity).

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February 13, 2010 • 12:59 pm

Opinions on white chocolate? Yum yum or no thanks. Like, baked into stuff.

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February 13, 2010 • 9:31 am
Wake Up: LOL

haha omg I still have that stalker from booj around, awesome. Now she's deleting her anonymous comments, though. Cuuute.

I got fn hacked on facebook, so my account messaged a load of my friend with a virus link. How does that even happen? I don't even use those ridiculous applications. I changed my password, is that all I need to do? How annoying. Doesn't look like the link actually worked, though, so no harm done I guess.

I gotta bake today today :D

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February 12, 2010 • 9:42 am
Wake Up: Morning time!

Putting aside that my child is going insane (we just stared at her dancing around going silly crazy before bed last night... then she passed out asleep), she's so cute. Last night Cormac didn't get home until close to 3am, and Jane had woken up, not cried, and climbed into bed beside me. I even without thinking turned and had cuddled up with her. Boy did I wake up confused! Harper is such an amazing baby, she just sleeps and sleep at night. When Cormac came home, I moved her to her bed, and tucked her in. She said "I'm a [something, damn, I can't remember but it was funny], brrr". I told her it would warm up (her bed was cold from not laying in it). She proceeded to tell me "it'll get hotter, so it is cool". LOL.

I need to do some things today. I woke up early with Jane (its not so bad when you just wrap your head around it, I'm trying not to be negative and keep the peace with her. Harper is still asleep upstairs with Cormac. I just refuse to wake her and it makes coming down here and getting breakfast sorted much easier.
Dungarvan today, maybe. I need to go to the county enterprise board.

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February 10, 2010 • 9:32 pm
Wake Up: I was tagged by madelitty

A - List 7 habits/quirks/facts
B - Tag 7 people to do the same
C - Don't tag the person who tagged you, or tag "Whoever wants to do it"

1. I have bipolar disorder. I finally sought out help when I was in college. I tried a couple of different meds and have never been consistent with them. I plan to be, soon. I rapid cycle, and generally get very frustrated, get furiously angry, blow up and then drop into immediate tears and depression. It comes and goes. I'm in an angry mode at the moment. Some days I wake up like I've had a load of caffeine and bounce about being giddy, making lots of plans for the day feeling like super mom... I wish I had more days like that.

2. I learned how to swim from an old man at a RV campsite pool. We used to travel in a really huge RV when I was a kid. I used to get scared riding in it over bridges or up mountains so I'd run to the back of the RV to the bedroom and lay with my face down on the bed with my bunny.

3. I have trouble controlling how I behave in a social situation. Depending on my level of comfort around someone, I can be outgoing-- funny, intelligent and charming, in others, I'm completely awkward and shy and feel like an idiot. I've tried to sort myself out on that for years, and have missed out on enjoying a lot of experiences because of it.

4. I thought I was really awesome once while playing on my bike, so I decided to ride mom's bike down the hill in our backyard while my parents were out on the deck to show off... except I didn't know the breaks didn't work like my bike (backpedal). Had to jump off the bike or run into a fence. I jumped. Ouch. I was maybe, 8?

5. I spent about 3 years in my teen years as a "born again Christian". I sang in the choir. I participated in the youth group. I mimed (with a white face painted face. Oh yes. It all started in my Spanish class in 8th grade. Sigh. Atheist now, obviously.

6. I pick my nose. And I eat it. Judge me, go on. (I read that you shouldn't stop kids from doing it because it actually boosts your immune system. ahem...). Not in public or anything. Part of me feels like its gotta be more common than people would admit. I mean, if you like, sniff, its your just boogies down into your throat anyways. Can't believe I'm admitting this, lol.

7. I really thrive on being organized (makes me feel less depressed). Having kids just messes that all up. I can't keep things in the place I want them to be, I am usually late for thing instead of being early (as I enjoy being), and I have no time or energy to keep up with laundry or cleaning. I'm not OCD clean. I just like things a certain, predictable way. If things don't work out the way I have them planned in my head, I get very depressed (like, having planned to go somewhere for the day but finding out that's not going to happen).

I tag: schmoomom, mspeacockwi, peacelovr, poiyt, imjustafacade, he1ena, marlatiara

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February 10, 2010 • 4:38 pm
Wake Up: Lap-napping children

Boring grown up quizCollapse )

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February 9, 2010 • 1:46 pm
Wake Up: Way down in the hole

The Wire season 3, downloaded!

I have to leave to pick up Jane in 5 minutes from Sue's. Today was her first day at the creche. It wasn't really a special day for me, more like any day that Cormac would be watching her. In the future, I'll just come back home and do all the weekly house stuff I'm not able to when she is driving me insane.

Took Harper in for her 2 month vaccines (yeah, she's over 3 months, wanna fight?). They told me Jane didn't get her MMR at 13 months... what? I don't pay particularly close attention to vaccines, even though I should, because I've always been torn on what she should and shouldn't get. I usually just make the appointment when the HSE sends me a letter in the post. I guess they didn't think it was too important to let me know we missed the MMR until, well, 17 months later. Rock on. So, she's going in next week. Look at me, so crunchy, delayed vaccines! Ha, ha... ha.

I talked to Dr. Devlin as well today about getting my psych stuff under control. This time she wrote the letter right in front of me and got it ready to be posted off. She said I should get an appointment to go in within 2-3 weeks. I put my big girl pants on today and admitting I need a little help. I just don't have the time to do regular cardio which was really keeping things balanced for me (mostly, anyways).

I looked at SLRs on Amazon a few days ago and now Amazon emails me torturing me with all these cool new cameras they have for sale. Why do they do this to me, BAH. I'm going to read a bit on food photography (I bookmarked some websites) when I get a chance to see what I can do better. Some sunlight would help, I'm sure.

Time to get the monkey face.

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February 4, 2010 • 10:10 am

Oh my good god.

"The girls then had to adhere to new ground rules - less burgers, low-fat milk, and fruits and water instead of sugary drinks; the change was significant, she said."

Read more:

Yes! Look at her, giving them eating disorders by making their diets healthier.

I wish my mom had gotten me eating healthier when I started putting on weight from an unhealthy diet as a kid.

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February 3, 2010 • 9:17 pm

I downloaded LOST. It doesn't air until Friday here and Cormac will be gigging.


*squee* Lost!

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February 2, 2010 • 11:01 pm
Wake Up:

1. Candace

Cute, funny, smart. Pretty interesting too.

Usually found OWNING things or p0wning life in general.

In other words = p0wns you.
0mgZ y0u got p0wn3d, can anyone say Candace?


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February 1, 2010 • 2:04 pm
Wake Up: I have DOMAIN


Jane is watching The New Adventures of Pippi Longstockings, by request. My kid rules.
Today we went to check out Sue's (she is another American expat) creche in Kilmacthomas. It's wonderful. Very laid back, a building adjacent to her own home, no more than 5 under 5's at a time... I feel great about bringing Jane there because I know Sue will take good care of her. There are also two other girls close in age to Jane (one a bit younger, one a bit older) that she seemed to enjoy. I think we'll do 5 hours on Tuesday, 9am-2pm. One day a week for now. It's just to break up the two 12-hour days when Cormac is teaching and give me a chance to go do the shopping. I took her today (its not that I can't take her), but it takes a lot of planning (that is, bringing a very desirable snack that keeps her sitting or standing in the cart). I can't have her walking around right now because she'll mostly try to wander off, pick up items from the shelves, and then chasing games which she find hilarious. I just wear Harper. It'll be less stressful alone.
And speaking of my own domain, I'm getting serious about baking. I'm going to take one day a week and try to perfect a recipe. Muffins, cakes, cookies whatever. I figure if I can't do a big business now, I can work on getting some great recipes together if the day ever comes. At the moment I want to get some Irish favorites and make them well, tastier (any suggestions?).
I want to start my infinity scarf tonight. Maybe I'll get the chance!

Jane slept until 5:30 last night only waking once. She went back to sleep until 6 and came in with us until 6:30. Yay maybe she's coming out the other side of this poor sleep schedule she's been keeping. You don't fully appreciate having 5+ hours of uninterrupted sleep until you stop getting it.

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January 29, 2010 • 8:41 pm
Wake Up: Babies!!!!

Angela (newtha) welcomed baby Aaron to the world, yay!

side note: soo sick of having to put Jane to bed with Harper in my arms. I *facewall*'d for 30 minutes tonight.

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January 29, 2010 • 8:11 am
Wake Up: Sometimes terrible two is terrific

Jane has been so adorable the last few days I can barely be upset that she wakes up as much as a newborn.

... while my newborn sleeps through the night. Neat-o!

Funny story I'm cutting as not to offend some peopleCollapse )

Had a mini breakdown yesterday over something very small Cormac said. I'm on the upswing high I tend to get after losing it. So, I've had some of our homemade bread and a cup of coffee and I'm ready to go out the door. Taking Jane into the Copper Coast Mini Farm, I think, if the weather is not too bad. If its crazy cold/windy we'll just go into town to the Book Centre and look through all the books.

She's suddenly really playing with her legos, too. So cute.

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January 28, 2010 • 3:58 pm
Wake Up: Side note while arguing about religion

I get really angry when people like to make Andrea Yates out to be a very evil individual. I can't imagine the hell that woman lives in in a well medicated and balanced state of mind.

I wish there was better acceptance and awareness for mental illness. If there was, than maybe more people like Andrea Yates would be able to help when they need it.

*reminds self to really, really have a chat with the GP, AGAIN, about a referral*

Harper needs her vaccines (yeah I vax, meh... we're late though. You can see I'm very bothered). I still have a cough. And sometimes my lungs decide that no, I may not breathe. I have a feeling I've walking pneumonia. Bah. I'm going to be addicted to my Ventolin inhaler soon enough.

No, I do not suffer post partum psychosis, to put you at ease. ha, ahem.

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January 22, 2010 • 12:39 pm
Wake Up: Jane is cutting up a Sky Box manual and I just couldn't be bothered to stop her...

I got an ad in the Waterford News and Star for Boho Kitchen. I'm a little, well, disappointed. At first she told me it was business card size, then she emailed me that it was 73mmx73mm, so I had to edit my graphic to fit that space. THEN she prints the ad and it IS business card size, so she had to change the graphic to fit and retype text... it looked kind of crap. Oh well, its exposure and that's all I wanted. Of course, an email or phone call would help me to feel it was worth it. I go back and forth between really wanting to do this and just backing out and saying I can't/why bother/I'm no good. I wish I had more tools, more space, better oven, more time!
I'm going to have a chat with the folks in the enterprise board about getting everything sorted out business wise. It helps to have a business, though, to do that.

I'm very conflicted, and stressed. We're wanting to move, we have to get out of Waterford, but I'm worried that things won't work out for America. That the house will never sell, that we won't afford to live when we move, that I won't find a job and definitely won't find one that is personally satisfying. Here I have the opportunity to start my own business if I want it. So, I can live somewhere I hate and do something I like, or do something I might hate (who knows) and live somewhere I like. Ugh. We somewhat discussed maybe renting out the house if it won't sell and try the only other place we like in Ireland, Cork... but the idea was only popular on this side of the discussion if you catch my drift. We're still aiming to do a test year abroad. I have to look into the abcs of getting Cormac legal to work once we're over. We have a to-do list. This feels like limbo, and I hate limbo.

We're having some sleep issues with Jane all of a sudden. I hate this age. I'll say it. I hate it. She used to sleep just fine. To bed in her room, maybe up once in the night, twice maybe, and asleep until 7-8ish. The last week at least has been regular waking, can't get her back to sleep properly (she won't reenter a deep sleep, so we get her asleep and 2 minutes later shes moaning again). She has a decent routine to bed. She isn't nursing at night. I don't know. I'm exhausted, Cormac is pissing me off with suggestions I'm not willing to take and won't start complaining about here, and I'm just hoping it passes soon.

Anyways. We went down to Cobh on Wednesday. We were running late so I just dropped Jane and Cormac off at the house and drove out to Cloyne to see ionracas. She's fantastic, I swear I could have stuck around another few hours chatting. Her house is so cozy and Henry is incredibly cute. He wanted to badly to scoop up Harper and drag her around little a doll, I could see it in his eyes. ha!
That night I took Harper into Cork city to meet Moira for the Stitch 'n Bitch. I parked in Paul Street carpark, got out to wrap Harper up in the mei tai, locked the doors and slammed them shut, looked around me to make sure I had my knitting and realized SHIT SHIT SHIT I just locked all my bags (and the keys) in the car. Go me! Now, we have a '96 toyota corolla estate, so, enters my mind at least the chance of breaking into our car. We had the help carpark manager? with a very sad looking hanger and two butter knives. Cormac, his dad and his uncle came out after collecting some "tools" and watching youtube clips while we went off to the SnB... they had it open in less than 5 minutes. I'm glad I go to go, it was nice to get out (plus I met another American I know from blogs, Evin-- and chatted with Emily, too). I needed a day's break from Jane, as bad as that sounds (since as far as toddlers go she's actually a gem). We got kicked out (Moira was bouncing Harper around in full view and I didn't think about it!) because of Harper coming along and we walked down to meet the men at The Franciscan Well. It's the first pub I ever went to in Ireland. Good memories. Went back to Cork, home now.
Last night spent 1:30-3 am mostly awake, Jane up again at 5:30, then 7. She was up before we went to bed at least twice, too. I'm still trying to get over being sick, its just a flu thats really hanging in there. Not too bad but enough to give me a small cough and keep me exhausted.


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January 18, 2010 • 12:38 pm
Wake Up: Hack hack

I'm so sick of being sick. It started a week before Christmas, I had a flu for a couple days. Chills, fever, sore throat bit of a cough, sucked. Went away. Then the snotty nose started up again, bad cough set in, everyone got it (except Cormac, who never gets sick). I got better. Have been better since mom left two weeks ago. Then, I start getting a drippy nose, small fever, tight chest AGAIN two days ago. I'm flat out now, I'm exhausted. Snotty nose. Think the fever is low at the moment if there at all. I just can't keep it up! I hate this, because Jane ends up watching more TV than I want her to, then she is ultra clingy because she sees me motionless on the couch, sigh sigh. Thankfully Harper is laid back, or else I'd be pulling my hair out. The hard part of the week is nearly over... Friday and Saturday Cormac was gigging so I was up with her at night, and today and tomorrow he works until 7:30pm so that's pushing it on bedtime and doing bedtime with her and Harper is difficult.
I'm going to try to get her to take a nap now.


I'm hoping to feel better so we can go down to Cobh on Wednesday. I'd like to meet up with ionracas so she can see Harper and maybe see Emily in town as well. I'm going to find out if the stitch and bitch is on, I might see if I can go in with Moira for some time away (with Harper slinged up). We'll see. This is all pointless if I'm still exhausted and sick. I'm downing grapefruit seed extract, D3, Vitamin C, water... fingers crossed I can kick it out sooner than later.

Big book on New Hampshire came in the mail today, yay!

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January 14, 2010 • 11:03 pm
Wake Up: Chewy gooey must make 'em soon

Do you know what I hate?
Cakey brownies.

If you like cakey brownies, you actually just like chocolate cake.
Just sayin' is all.

So I got a phone call today from the Waterford News and Star. A woman there is doing a spread on Children's birthday parties and available resources. She offered me ad space in the article. Cool. Small ad for 70 euro. I haven't bothered with any newspaper ads until now. I think that a feature in the paper will be a fantastic place to advertise. I'm thrilled-- I think I can get good business out of it. I hate hanging fliers. So I made a small ad for Boho Kitchen offering cakes and cookies.
Oh, did I mention my butcher told me (jokingly or not, I don't know!) that he would email me sometime about ordering Molasses Ginger cookies (I give him cookies at Christmas). Ha!

Hoping to get to Cork soon. Taken the train up to Dublin on the 23rd for La Leche League leader applicant day.

Does anyone have any experience with Open University?

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January 14, 2010 • 9:42 am
Wake Up: For Funsies

Who comments the most on this journal?Collapse )

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January 12, 2010 • 8:32 pm
Wake Up: 4 years together

Happy Anniversary Cormac :)

That's Harper in there, this was at Crystal and Ethan's back in May '09.

4 years ago I met Cormac in a pub in Cork city, and it was love at first... meet? He'd trek from Waterford to Cork late nights, after gigs at 2 and 3 in the morning, with his guitar and his little back pack to my place over Friar's Walk Tavern. Or I'd hop the bus to Waterford. We've spent a little less than 5 months apart in those 4 years. Hell, we were nearly living together by 4 months in because I got sick. Seems like an eternity ago. Best thing that ever happened to me-- I went from being a very depressed person with a lot of drama and baggage to having a near perfect life with a beautiful family.

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January 10, 2010 • 6:58 pm
Wake Up: Snow in Portlaw

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January 10, 2010 • 2:46 pm
Wake Up: It's beginning to look a lot like...

Snow has been persistent since this morning, probably a good 3 inches down, if not more. The kids in the estate are having a blast, at least 4 snowman! Jane and I made a little snowman, pictures later. I went for a walk around. I love this kind of cold, and the snow, the way your fingers turn rosy pink coming in from out in the cold. Flushed cheeks.
We're holding our breath for it to turn from snow to sleet. The cold is supposed to continue into the foreseeable future, we've got a few days coming up where instead of snow we'll have sleet or rain, which with the freezing temps has us worried. Cormac already had all his gigs canceled this weekend. Buh.
This is good, seeing as we're looking at New Hampshire and we'll have 5 months at least of cold and some snow. I'm spending a lot of my spare time (as is Cormac) reading NH forums, looking at individual towns and more recently some rentals. Realistically looking at 800-1200 per month depending on where we move to... hmm. Not particularly cheap but what I was expecting. We'd be waiting a while to buy. Employment is my main concern. Cormac would be doing all his bits, but it'll take him a while to get established, line up pupils for lessons, etc. Overwhelming. You've got to take a chance if you want a change though, yeah? First, to sell our house... which is what everything is waiting on. We can't rent it out for more than the mortgage so we have to sell it, realistically.
Doing great with my abstinence and finally losing my cravings for the diet coke. Instead I'm having coffee, to combat the cold... caffeine I can deal with, if I can cut out the aspartame. I'm even using xylitol to sweeten, how well behave am I?
I have a stalker/troll from booj hanging around, which is kind of funny. *waves*

Uh oh, looks like the sleet has arrived. :(

Cormac's been experimenting with bread making ever since I bought him 'Artisan Bread in Five Minutes for Christmas. Bought the baking stone and pizza peel and everything. Delicious.

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January 8, 2010 • 7:46 pm
Wake Up: I'm so behind on updates, brrrr

So far so good on my no-diet-coke new years resolution. No more in the house. In the last 4 days, I've only had two diet cokes, and they were out of the house (my rule was I can't have them at home, only if I'm out and about in town-- although I think I'm going to throw out that rule, too). I'm trying to completely scare myself away from it. The carbonated water I'm drinking has done the drink as far as satisfaction when I'm drinking... but I'm feeling pretty horrible. Headache, fatigued... its not really the caffeine, either, because I've had a bit to ease into the change.
I'm reading a lot about aspartame at the moment and its scaring me to death. I wonder if my bipolar issues will get better without a regular dose of aspartame in my life. I just watched this:
which covers some possible side effects and all the dogdey and underhanded behavior that allowed the FDA to approve aspartame.

Mom went home yesterday on the train. We weren't going to risk driving up to Dublin, all of us in the car on the icey roads. I think she did okay although the moving all her luggage from the train to the bus to the airport was annoying for her. Jane hasn't been too upset although she keeps talking about grandma-- I think she gets that she went home but probably doesn't understand how far away and for how long.

So, we are 99% certain we are not going to Florida in May. Instead, we're going to Maine. Flying into Boston, more than likely. Thanks to schmoomom we've got the hook up to go over, so we're investigating the areas we're interested in relocating to. We're mostly considering Southern New Hampshire, but I'd like to keep places south of Portland in Maine open to consideration as well. We've been reading loads of city-data forums, looking at pictures, and as always torturing ourselves with cheap real estate. We'll have the house back on the market soon enough. We're willing to take a small loss at this point. I'm looking at the job listing to see what sort of employment we'd be dealing with. Cormac would teach and gig like he does here, but its going to take him a while to get students and get established. I'll take whatever I can get, something clerical. This is probably our biggest concern. We're staying in the seacoast or merrimack regions, so there are a few larger towns close by and even Boston 1-1.5 hours drive away at most. We're getting very excited about spending the summer there. I think we'll be disappointing a lot of people, but the flights are much cheaper and if we go now, while I can still carrying Harper in a sling and she is too young to remember a trip (imagine skipping our trip next year when she is nearly 18 months old).
So, if you want to see us, you can come up to us. We spend a lot of money every year coming to the states, you can always come to Ireland and see us!

gahh I'm being climbed on I better wrap this up-- no time to update LJ anymore!

Oh yeah, we are getting 5-10cm of snow Sunday/Monday. Woot. Ireland has closed down because any time anything out of the usual happens the Irish freak out and the government goes "durrr uh, durr". It's classic. They even closed all the schools until Thursday *eyeroll*.

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January 2, 2010 • 9:39 am
Wake Up: Po-ta-to

I decided to leave the booj. I'm kind of over it. New Year's Resolution? lol. I might go back some day, but I'm trying to eliminate things that eat up my time online. I've been off commenting there for a while over the holidays, anyways.

It'd be great if I could stop coughing. Jane and Harper have a cough, too. Bummer. I need one of those nose bulbs for the girls. The house ate the last one.

It's fn freezing. I need to go to the shop today, so I'm hoping the roads are not an ice skating rink.

I'm tired. There is a long cowl I want to knit but its done in a cotton seeds stitch look and I want something soft, not too splitty that will have good stitch definition. Suggestions E? Something aran weight, the girl used cotton.

One more cowl and then I think I'm going to knit a shrug.

Potato soup for dinner.

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December 31, 2009 • 10:32 pm
Wake Up: Goodbye Noughties

Last years resolutions from my LJ:

Start a savings account, and use it. Did it, for our trip to America

Make a serious effort to finish something. Like selling cookies. If you want to do it Candi just fn do it. Kind of did it-- started Boho Kitchen, made, like, 400 euro in the short time this year I spent promoting

Get my bipolar disorder under control. Once I get my medical card, start seeing a psychiatrist. fail fail, try again.

Master knitting. Getting there! I've completed several projects

GET PREGNANT. Clearly, I accomplished that goal :D

Not too bad.
Resolutions for 2010:

Quit Diet Soda. This time, its serious. I'm pretty aware of all the things I put in my body, although I continue to poison myself with copious amounts of diet coke and aspartame. It's scary. This is such a big one, its one of the few I'm making. I'm looking at a 24 pack that will be my last at home. I can have them when I'm not at home, but I cannot buy or keep them for the house.

Time to get back into cycling after Harper gets a bit bigger.

Consider taking some night classes towards the end of the year.

Listen to more music.

swiping this meme and little recap of the decadeCollapse )

Happy New Years guys. I love you all, and I love my blog (which is turning 9 this new year's). Bury the noughties and bring on the tens.
By the end of the tens, I'll have a 10 and 12 year old (what?!?!)

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December 31, 2009 • 12:01 pm
Wake Up: Sickies

Remember this?
I promise to try to do that this year.

I'm sick, have gotten Jane sick, who has gotten my mom and Harper sick. Cormac, as always, is not sick.

Either way, with my asthma I've been ridiculously useless to everyone. I did actually accomplish a load of chores around the house yesterday thanks to my mom-- now I know why people have hired help.

If I could stop coughing, that'd be stellar. I'm on antibiotics, its day 3 and still coughing and hacking... viral infection, perhaps? Lucky us. Chest, ouchies.

Happy New Year?

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December 21, 2009 • 6:46 pm
Wake Up: Knit knit

I just 31 balls of Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino for 9 sterling, shipped. .20 per ball!!! Discontinued colors (still a nice pink, aubergine and orange, though!)

Damn damn she just emailed me that they were gone just before my order :( :( and refunded me.

I still
<3 though.

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December 17, 2009 • 2:13 pm
Wake Up: Appreciation

"'Tis the season to... make a million memes to let everyone know just how much you appreciate them and love them. :D

Here's the plan: You comment with your username, and people will comment ANONYMOUSLY with things they love and cherish about you. I say anonymously because it makes the atmosphere lighter and more mysterious, kind of like a Secret Santa only with love and holiday cheer! People will wonder who these caring people are and appreciate the fact that they exist, not only the fact that they may be best friends with them.

Then find people you care about and have something nice to say to - even if you don't know them! - and leave them something that will make their heart feel a little warmer at night. This way, the love will go around and around and the magical spirit of the season can be cherished and appreciated by all."

Here's mine:

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December 17, 2009 • 1:16 pm
Wake Up: Get up, get on up!

So, I'm sick.

I was convinced it was Swine Flu, actually, until today. I didn't have vomiting or diarrhea though, so... anyways. Today, enter severely sore throat with large white patches. OH HAI TONSILLITIS!

Maybe its mono. I hope not. Started the night before last-- I was waking up in a pool of sweat. Yesterday I had horrible chills and a mild fever, serious fatigue, achey body. I've had a runny nose and cough for like, weeks, because its that time of year. Yesterday I was blowing my nose a lot, but today it's as though any respiratory symptoms are gone and I just have phlegm and this horrible throat. I can't swallow. Just to see the damage I peaked in the mirror and sure enough, white patches. My fever isn't too bad, its low, and goes away when I take paracetamol. I've moved on to solpadeines because that codeine makes my throat tolerable.

I was worried because Harper was acting strange last night. Waking loads, she cried a lot, had a hard time getting her to latch on... what is the deal? She's not acting sick-- no fever, she is sleeping a lot but does anyways, she is easy to wake and is feeding fine during the day today. I just don't get why she was acting strange last night. She literally sleeps through the night save a feed or two most nights so her waking and crying was weird. Is she sickies? meh!

I'm a little bit more energetic today than yesterday... I could barely keep my eyes open (I went on the computer maybe, once). I mostly kept dozing off.
I need to bake cookies and make presents, I don't have time to be sick right before Christmas. Whatever it is, it sucks. I just keep drinking water and sucking down vitamin C. We'll see.

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December 15, 2009 • 9:00 pm
Wake Up: Tis the season to lose your brains

Want to know how stupid I am?

I went into town by myself (well, with Harper, she doesn't count) and I was very excited to wrap up some final Christmas bits I wanted to buy. Just walking through town, hadn't spent a penny yet (should have had my lunch first, damn) and I popped into No Name (a clothes shop that is going out of business, I bought two pairs of pants for 3 euro each, woot!) and then walked 4 shops down to Penneys. Walked around picking up bits and pieces and went to check out. As the cashier rang up my order I rummaged through my bag only to realize that, shit, my wallet is gone. Cue me freaking out. Now, I carry a really large buddha bag type purse, its big and deep. It's not the kind of bag you lose things out of. I retraced my steps, I went back to No Name, left my name at both shops, no sign. Convinced at this point that someone robbed my wallet from my bag while I was browsing, I had to cry to the parking garage attendants to give me a free card to leave the garage. I was so upset/pissed. I got as far as the round about to the new road and got a phone call from No Name-- and they had found my wallet beside the counter on the floor. THANK CHRIST. I was panicking-- I would have had to cancel my credit card and reorder another one, which would have taken an eternity since its from the states, all my bank cards, store discount cards, my US drivers license. I was lucky I had no cash on me and my garda card was out of my wallet at the time. If it had been stolen, it wouldn't have been too bad. I think I must have sat down the wallet when I stopped to retie the string on the bag (when I picked it up it broke) and then knocked it off the counter with my bag. Oh wells.

Anyways. How stupid did I feel? Stupid. I read the other day that breastfeeding gives you extended preggo brain. I blame that.

Bright side, probably going down to Cobh on Saturday to leave Jane off with her Nana so Cormac and I can go into Cork. I'll do my shopping there-- even though we have a new big Penney's the one in Cork is still nicer.

I have presents to make.

Mom is here in a week.

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December 12, 2009 • 12:08 pm
Wake Up: I love it

I think they must have stopped giving out the $25 gift certs since you can't add them to the cart anymore. Bah. With that said, has a code for 80% off (SHARE is the code). I got a $75 worth of gift certificates for when we come over to Florida in the summer (if we do, I guess) for $6. Go buy food. Merry Christmas

Are any of you going to hell with me? They should add "English Major's".
My eyes are bleeding, they really are.

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December 11, 2009 • 11:49 pm
Wake Up: For your freaks out there

Free $25 gift card, no catches, just trying to get more business I think.

They sell soy candles! That is, if you are not into lube and vibrators. Ahem.

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December 9, 2009 • 12:06 am
Wake Up: This LJ is going to turn 9 soon!

December 17th, 2004:

"Just browsing some pictures of the Cliffs of Moher distracting myself while planning out my finances and how I'm going to manage the dig in Austria, AND Ecuador. I'd give it all up for a mindless trip to Ireland, really. Something to think about."

Ha. This would be more humorous if all the entries around it didn't document probably the worst time in my life. 04/05 was a bad time.

Was torturing myself reading old entries. Two things: I was a whiner (or really depressed, however you'd like to look at it), and boy was I an emo teenager. Oh, and the amount of "like"s in my entries from early days, ouch. I used to really pour out my frustration/pain into my LJ as a way of relieving stress.

I'm also wowing at some of the LJ friends I've had for years and years that I didn't realize.

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