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Crunchy Contrary Yank

There's a green one and a pink one and a blue one and a yellow one...


Irish Blogs
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Profile time. I can be a bit cynical, sarcastic and maybe even condescending (I apologize in advance), but I am seeking out patience, peace and understanding (let me know if you have any that I could borrow). I've had this journal for over 10 years, and its been a place for me to get out my thoughts and frustrations when I have had no other outlet to do so. It's therapeutic, and such.
I was an American expat in Ireland for 8 years until November 2013, when myself and my Irish husband, Cormac, and two daughters Jane, born 2007, and Harper, born 2009, decided to give a new life in Florida a try.

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I have a Bachelor's of Anthropology from the University of Florida, although my interest in anthropology has been put on hold since, I've found, the best way of making a living with a degree in Anthropology is apparently... by not trying to get a job in Anthropology. I ran a home bakery called The Boho Kitchen (http://www.thebohokitchen.com) for 5 years in Ireland, now I'm in commercial insurance underwriting-- oh man.